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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Slime Central" from season 9, which aired on April 26, 2017.

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Okay, we'll find the crown,grab the jewel,

and then give a couple tugs on the skyhooks!

Got it!

Here's some trail mix for the road!

You think Betty and Simon hanging out is a good thing?


They're two wackadoo peas in a wackadoodle pod.

Something about it makes me feel weird in the ethics.

Well, you don't want to stareat happiness too hard, you know?


'Cause it stares back, man.

Slime Town is mad nasty.

Let's blend in.


This smells like the locker room of a gym for dead fish.

Eh, you get used to it,though.

That's the great thing about smells.

Man, where is everyone?

[ Bass thumping ]

Skate size?

Uh, 10.


Aw, man!

Okay, you look dope.

[ Music blares ]

[ Gasps ]


Slime Princess got big.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

DJ Plop ‐‐DJ‐DJ Plop Drops!

Get ready to plop drooop!


Jake, look!

The crown!

Harness me, bro.

Gonna get that jewel!


Her slime's tougher than it looks.

LSP: Finn, Jake!

Over here!


I'm not LSP anymore.I'm LSP.

Oh, 'cause you're Lumpy Slime Princess.


You guys on a team yet?

Why do we need teams?

No, you can't be on my team.

Me and Spurtle Princessare gonna win it all.

Right, girls?

What are ‐‐What are you...?

[ Crowd chanting "Snack pack!" ]

Oh, Glob!

[ Chanting continues ]

What's going on?

Blechfast Princess,Bileberry Princess,

and Hot Blob Princess are about to skate.

The Snack Pack!

Party Splat: Oh, yay. The Snack Hacks are here.
[Party Splat chuckles]
Party Splat: Snack Hacks. Did you hear that?
Blechfast Princess: Party Splat.
Blechfast Princess: You got something to say?

Snack Pack,more like...

Stink Pack!

Ooh.Ooh. Ooh.Ooh.

Blechfast Princess: We challenge you to a skate battle!

Skate battle!Byow‐byow‐byow!


Classic street slime rules ‐‐

quack grinds,sheering the duck,

or insincere hot‐dogging

will result in instant disqualification!

First up....

The Bearnicks!


[ Cheers and applause ]

Blechfast Princess: Move over, Party Splat.


Blechfast Princess: Time for the Midnight Snack.
Blechfast Princess: Mid!
Hot Blob Princess: Night!
Bileberry Princess: Snack!


[ Cheers and applause ]

And the winner is...


Snack Pack!

As always, the prize is absorption

into the body of our bumpin' leader.

[ Crowd chanting"Skate to assimilate!" ]

[ Laughter ]

Isn't assimilation amazing?

No! It's horrifying.

It might be comfy,

like a hug that turns you into a hug.

What happens to the losers?

They go in the losers' cage,

and they're stripped of their skating rights!


New plan!

‐We enter the contest...‐Yeah.

‐‐Of course.

...then I grab the jewel

and you stretch us on out of that bod.

Won't we get absorbed,though?

We'll just believe in ourselves way too much.

She can't absorb us if we're self‐absorbed.

Okay, but you needa three‐person team to compete,

and I'm taken!


Splurtle Princess: We had a vote and you're out.
LSP: But I'm the plucky underdog!
Splurtle Princess: No, you're just terrible.

Abracajamiel can do the splits.




Attention,super cool party people!

My new, totally awesome team,The Lumps,

challenges my old team,The Stupids,

to a skate battle.

[ Cheers and applause ]

First up...

The Lumps.

Start the beat, Plop‐D!


No, wait. Discontinue the beat.

[ Music stops ]

What are you doing, man?


[ Fiddle playing ]


[ Crowd murmuring ]

That's not dancing!

I know! It's better.

[ Groans ]

Okay, we can still save this, Finn.



[ Crowd murmuring, whistling ]


Whoa! Aah!

[ Crowd booing ]

We got to do the lift.

[ Crowd oohs ]

[ Applause ]


They love me.I'm a true Cinderella story.


[ Grunts ]


[ Groaning ]


The Stupids win by default!



No! I can still do this!I know I can.

Ah, well.

This isn't howit's supposed to happen.

We blew it.

Eh, it'll work outsomehow.

The winnerswill now be rewarded

with glorious absorption!

[ Crowd chanting"Skate to assimilate!" ]

[ Laughter ]

Today's loserswill now be punished.


With shameful absorption!

Take them 'round back.

[ Wheel squeaking ]

Hey, this is gonnawork out somehow.

I've got the loser sticks!

Poke the losers.

Whoo.[ Chuckles ]

Yeah, whoo.


Take me,Slime Princess!

Huh!Hold onto me.

This placereally is supes comfy.

[ Grunting ]


Oh, I'm starting to turn.

Pull us out, Jake.

In a minute.


It's like being in a warm bathfull of snot.

Aah! We're trapped!

It'll work out somehow.

[ Gasps ] Jake, no!Fight the slime!

I'm havingthe slime of my life.

[ Chuckles ]


I may as wellgive in to it.

Maybe Simonwill save Ooo.

This isn't an upliftingunderdog ending.

You're still here?

I'm not assimilating.

And no one can see my cool outfit

through all this lumpin's slime.

[ Groans ]

Looks like LSP is too much of a killjoy for our Slime Queen!

She's gonna be rejected!


[ Both groan ]


Y'all are bounced.


I got the jewel, but I lost Jake.

[ Warbles ]

You're not a Slime person?

No, I totally faked it.

I just saw this lumpalicious party,

and I was like,"These are my people!"

But even though I shoplifted this super‐cool outfit,

I still didn't fit in.

I guess I don't fit in...anywhere!

[ Crying ]

Jake could fit in anywhere.

Whatever happened,he was always like,

"It'll work out."

Stop being so selfish, Finn!I'm the one hurting here!

You don't even know what it's like to be an underdog.

You and Jake always win ‐‐always!

You're right, LSP.We do.

Don't worry, Jake!I vow to get you back in shape.

[ Gasps ]

Oh, my Glob,this is it!

The crowd‐pleasing climax

where the beautiful underdoggets the hunk.

Rom‐com style!