Sleepy Sam (also referred to as Silly Sam in character design images and in the "Computer Song") is a frog creature who is considered the final boss of the video game Guardians of Sunshine. His main attack is eating by capturing with his tongue and defecating them, making them lose a life. When Finn and Jake confront Sleepy Sam while inside the game, he screams at them causing shock waves that knock them away. His motive was never to hurt them, as revealed when he escaped from the game. He just wanted to go outside his cave home into the sunshine and kill BMO. Finn completes the Combo Move before he or the other monsters are able to harm BMO, ultimately sending Sleepy Sam, Bouncy Bee, and Hunny Bunny back into the game world. It is unknown how many points are earned for defeating Sleepy Sam in the game because this has never actually been done by Finn or Jake.


Sleepy Sam looks like a poorly proportioned large frog in the game. With respect to Finn's size in the game, Sleepy Sam is about up to his waist. He has yellow eyes with black pupils and some yellow spots above his hind legs. His graphic is very rigid and green like the rest of the game's enemies.


Oh wait. Hold up, guys. Check it out! Sunshine! Oh boy, that feels good!

All we wanted was the sunshine.

You want him to hit his button? What's wrong with you?!


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