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"Sleepy Puppies" is first heard in the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow." Jake requests Finn, who did not know about a tiny assassin in Jake's nostril, to sing it, making Me-mow fall asleep. The lullaby is accompanied by a music box which belonged to Margaret, Jake and Finn's mom. It has also been referred to as "Mom's lullaby" by Jake.


Don't be weepy sleepy puppies.
Slip your slippers on your footies.
In the morning you'll get goodies;
Puppy hats and puppy hoodies.
No stripes or polk-a-dots;
Heather grey and feather soft,
Baby pink or baby blue...
All the draw strings you can chew...


  • The song was written by storyboard artist and writer, Rebecca Sugar.
  • The lullaby has the ability to lull its listeners (and singer) to sleep almost instantly.

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