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"Skyhooks II" is the eighth and final part of Adventure Time miniseries Elements and is the ninth episode in the ninth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and sixty-first episode overall.


Finn and Lumpy Space Princess work together to unlock one of Ooo's greatest secrets before time runs out.[1]


Immediately after the events of the previous episode, Betty and Simon fly off, leaving Finn to fend for himself against the candied denizens. Ice King urges Betty to turn back as he stares back, while Betty knocks him out by whacking him over the head with the Enchiridion. Finn, surrounded and serenaded, screams as LSP grabs his leg and drags him away from the crowd.

Finn and LSP hide in a hollowed-out tree where Finn deduces that LSP is a sort of anti-elemental, but she herself had limited knowledge of that since she didn't pay attention to her parents' lectures in the past about the entities made of lumps.

Meanwhile, Betty has bound Ice King, and plans on using the Elemental's jewels and the Enchiridion's power to tear open a portal in time to return to past so that Simon never puts on the crown, thus preventing his transformation into Ice King and her being dragged into the future and becoming Magic Woman. She even has ambitions to prevent the Mushroom War, which horrifies Prismo and the Cosmic Owl who've been watching events unfold from their jacuzzi.

Finn tries to find a way to combat the elemental powers by using LSP's powers, but she is irritated about being told what to do all the time. Candied Gunter finds the duo in the woods and begins hugging LSP.

Betty has initiated the portal's creation, meanwhile Ice King tries to reason with her and slides over, still bound up. He kicks a jumper cable off the Enchiridion which causes the portal to explode as Betty disappears. Ice King's suit rips and his original outfit returns to full size.

Unsatisfied with her attempts to candy everyone, PB began a land wide song with Marshmaline after Finn escaped with LSP, which candies creatures in nearby zones and melts the ice dome where Patience sees her attempts have failed. She freezes herself after asking Mr. Fox to roll her somewhere safe. However, Mr. Fox is incapable of doing so.

Ice King flies down to Finn to join them. Finn asks where Betty went but Ice King says he doesn't know who that is. He hands the Enchiridion over to Finn and notices candied Gunter over by LSP but Gunter ignores him. LSP grows more irritated because Finn told her what to do, which attracts the Elemental's jewels. After being told by Finn her abilities can affect the other elements to return into their original state. At first, she began to turn Gunter to his original state. Follow by that, LSP begins a land-wide cleanse that returns everyone to their original forms, giving Sweet P his full horns, and returns every absorbed person in Slime Princess' body to turn normal. Once done, a crowd gathers around an exhausted LSP to cheer for their hero.

Betty emerges from a cloud of smoke on Mars, below Normal Man's throne where he tells her she "really donked up."

Jake calls for Finn where they meet on a hill. Finn takes a look at Jake, who now has five eyes and looks like his shape-shifter parent. Finn tells him that they'll find a way no matter what to fix everything, while Jake nervously laughs as he seems to not be aware of his true form.


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Episode connections[]

  • After Betty knocks out the Ice King, she says to herself "I'm doing the right thing," which is exactly what PB said in "High Strangeness." In each case, the character is not really doing the right thing, only trying to convince themselves that this is the case so they can proceed with their morally questionable plans.
  • As in "Happy Warrior", the faces of Grob Gob Glob Grod are shown in the Enchiridion. However, this time, their expressions have changed from indifferent (straight lines) to various smiles and a frown.
  • The Shape-shifter's appearance in Jake's dream in the episode "Orb" foreshadowed Jake's transformation to his true form at the end of this episode.
  • The jewel that detaches from Ice King's crown near the end of the episode is the same jewel that was missing from the Ice Thing seen in "Graybles 1000+."
  • Normal Man became the King of Mars some time after his return to the planet. He is seen holding the Wand of Dispersement, which was previously seen in "Sons of Mars."
  • Punch Bowl, Manfried and Crunchy are seen together before the anti-elemental wave restores Ooo to normal, but aren't actually seen transforming back. It's later revealed that they originally weren't simple-minded candy people, and LSP's influence turned them back to their intelligent selves.

Cultural references[]

  • The symbol that LSP draws on the ground is the Stüssy S, which is typically drawn by students on notebooks or graffiti.
  • When Betty reveals her plan, she mentions throwing the Ice Crown into a volcano, a reference to Frodo Baggins throwing the One Ring into Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings.

Storyline analysis[]

  •  While Betty reveals that she planned to use the gems to go back and stop Simon from putting on the crown it is unlikely that was her original plan. This evident in "Cloudy" because Betty was looking through the Enchiridion and the Elemental symbol is seen implying that she was intending to save Ooo from the Elemental spell.
    • It is likely that while Finn and Jake were in the Slime Kingdom during "Slime Central" Betty was looking through the Enchirdion and found out that she can time travel. This is evident because when returned from the Slime Kingdom in "Happy Warrior" Betty is suspiciously hyper and excited as the pages of the Enchiridion show an hourglass implying she was going to cast a spell related to time.
  • It is revealed that Lumps act as an "anti-elemental"; they are the force that order reality and turn it into its true form. This is the reason LSP undoing the elemental damage in Ooo also changed Jake's appearance and made Sweet P's broken horn grow back.
  • Despite LSP changing everyone back to their true form (including Jake), Finn still has an arm missing, Marceline is still a vampire, Sweet P does not have full access to his Lich powers (although his broken horn did grow back), Gunter does not act as Orgalorg, and Simon is still the Ice King. It's currently unknown if there's a specific in-universe reason for this or whether it's merely an inconsistency or oversight.
    • In Simon's case, it may be due to the effects of the crown keeping him as the Ice King.
    • In Gunter's case, Earth's gravity is likely the reason he didn't turn back into Orgalorg.
    • Although Sweet P can't control his Lich powers, they are still dormant inside of him. Also due to the Lich's/Sweet P's nature as an undead mutant, fully revived by the Guardians' blood, it is safe to assume that Sweet P's current form is technically his "true form."
  • Betty is now stranded on Mars, and has come face-to-face with Normal Man, who used to have her powers although the Martian transporter is still functional  there is still hope for Betty returning to Earth which she eventually does in the series finale "Come Along With Me."

Production notes[]

  • This is the eighth and last episode that aired during the eighth "AdventureBomb."
  • This is the eighth and last episode of the Elements miniseries.
  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.


  • When Finn throws his backpack on the ground, it turns into candy. A few shots later, it reappears and then disappears in the next scene.
  • When Sweet P exclaims, "Mama! Papa!" it appears as though his horn has regrown before the lumps reach him to regrow his horn.
  • When the lumps are turning everyone back to their original forms, the candy Mrs. Cow turns into Bronwyn.
  • When the zoomed out scene with Finn is shown the Banana Guards appear in their normal forms and not their candy forms.
  • Forest Wizard is seen turning back into his true form by Lumpy Space Princess but he is shown again in the crowd of characters watching Lumpy Space Princess.



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