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"Sky Witch" is the twenty-ninth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and thirty-third episode overall.


Marceline is on a top-secret mission tracking Maja the Sky Witch. But when she loses the witch's trail, Marceline turns to Princess Bubblegum for help.[2]


The episode begins with Princess Bubblegum being woken up by her cat-themed alarm clock. She is shown to be wearing the rock shirt given to her by Marceline. After being woken up, she proceeds to inhale the shirt deeply. She goes to her closet, opens it and puts on a jacket over the shirt. A picture of her and Marceline is shown hanging on the inside of her closet door. She then goes onto meet with Finn, Jake, Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun and three banana guards. She tells them that they are advancing the Candy Kingdom's defenses due to a perceived increase in threats and tries to train them to overcome sleeping gas that she has installed in the Gumball Guardians. When they are put to the test, however, everyone except for Cinnamon Bun falls asleep. Marceline suddenly comes in through the window and tells PB that she wants to hang out with her, but PB sees through the ruse and Marceline confesses that she really needs her help in tracking down Maja the Sky Witch because it is "really, really, really, really, really, really, really really important to [her]."

The two approach the undergrowth between the roots of a stand of giant trees that Marceline is surprised is blocked and thinks they should "blow up." PB analyzes it and says that it is a "sleeping gate bramble," and that they need to either take "the path of least resistance," or relax to pass through. She makes it through easily while Marceline struggles, provoking Bubblegum into giving her a cup of tea (though Marceline only drinks the red from the mug). Once inside, the girls notice that there is strong witchcraft going on within the forest, and encounter Maja's Crabbit Familiar, which flies away. The Crabbit's feather drops to the earth and transforms into a talking Hambo, which Marceline reveals is the reason they came there. She tries to grab Hambo but Bubblegum realizes it is a hologram that, if touched, triggers several wooden stakes to erupt from the ground. Initially frustrated that Marceline is forcing her to track down a toy, Bubblegum slowly realizes that Hambo holds a deep, sentimental significance for Marceline, and agrees to continue searching for him. After noticing a series of branches broken by the Crabbit, Marceline flies through the trees in search of Maja, leaving Bubblegum running desperately behind her. After discovering that a pond in the forest is actually a portal, Bubblegum swims through it and is magically transported to Maja's house. After analyzing multiple doors and hallways, she chooses a passage above a chandelier. While what appears to be an attic, Bubblegum searches through Maja's things and finds a receipt stating that Ash sold Hambo to Maja. Suddenly, Maja discovers Bubblegum.

Meanwhile, Marceline, who apparently entered the house before Bubblegum, is attacked by the Crabbit Familiar and engages him in battle. Bubblegum, realizing that Maja obtained Hambo through a legal transaction, which she must respect due to her kingdom's laws, decides to persuade Maja in another manner. While Marceline defeats the Familiar, Bubblegum reveals that she has obtained Hambo, and Marceline is overjoyed. Princess Bubblegum then climbs onto Marceline's back and the friends fly out of Maja's house. It is then revealed that Bubblegum traded her most prized possession, the rock shirt that Marceline gave her, for Hambo. Maja then reveals her reason for the trade to her Crabbit: the rock shirt has "fresher," more recent sentimental value than Hambo, which according to Maja, gives the shirt much more power (Hambo was Marceline's doll for centuries, while the t-shirt is presumably a more recent beloved object). She then tears off a piece of the shirt and throws it into a brew of some sort. The Crabbit Familiar, injured, crawls his way into the room and tells Maja that he no longer wishes to be her familiar, as he wants to be a dancer. Maja becomes happily enraged and repeatedly attacks her familiar with lightning blasts.


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  • Science, Princess Bubblegum's pet rat, is seen sleeping inside her closet.
  • Princess Bubblegum is seen wearing earrings in the episode.
  • Finn and Jake have no dialogue in this episode.
  • There is a black totem cairn shaped liked Finn's hat.
  • Finn was not able to fight the sleep gas even though he can fight mind control.
  • When Princess Bubblegum opened her closet, a picture of her and Marceline can be seen.
  • It is unknown why Marceline's clothes in this episode were still shown in her giant bat form, while in other episodes they just blend in with it.
  • When Princess Bubblegum enters the hallway with the stolen goods, a painting of mutated Shoko can be seen.
    • When Princess Bubblegum moves to look at the "My privates" box, this painting changes to version with red eyes and visible teeth.
  • The tea that Bubblegum offered to Marceline contained Matricaria chamomilla (commonly known as chamomile). It is a herb used as a gentle sleep aid that can also relax the body when used in tea.
  • Bubblegum implies that by Candy Kingdom law, the trade of Hambo was legitimate, despite Ash not having a legitimate claim to Hambo, meaning that Candy Kingdom is probably not a nemo dat state.
  • This is the first appearance of Maja who was the witch Ash sold Hambo to, which was revealed in a memory from "Memory of a Memory."

Episode connections

  • Princess Bubblegum is seen wearing the shirt Marceline gave to her from "What Was Missing".
  • The ghost from "The Creeps" can be seen on a picture frame in Maja's House.
  • This episode completes Marceline's saga of reclaiming her toy Hambo; she originally received it from Simon Petrikov as revealed in "I Remember You," but it was sold off in the past by Ash as revealed in "Memory of a Memory." It will have one last purpose which is foreshadowed here but not realized until "Betty."
  • Maja's plans are later revealed in "Something Big."
  • Crabbit Familiar eventually becomes a dancer during the final montage in the series finale, "Come Along With Me."

Cultural references

  • Bubblegum's final words against the sleep gas are "Do not go on gentle into that good night," which is a line written by the poet Dylan Thomas in 1951.
  • There is a totem which resembles Gork, or similarly, Plankton. This may be a reference to the voice of Maja, Jill Talley, who also voices Plankton's computer wife, Karen.
  • The plants where Bubblegum tried to give relaxation to it to go down reference to the same plant found in Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone where Hermione told them to just relax and sleep to go down and pass through it.
  • When Bubblegum was looking through Maja's stuff, she identifies a toy car as a Ford Broncus, a play on either the Ford Bronco (discontinued 1996 following the O.J Simpson incident, well before The Mushroom War) or the Ford Focus or both.
  • The head of the cane has been incorrectly identified as the Batman logo. It is in fact the fanged head of a cobra (as visible in one of the screenshots below).
  • On one of the shelves in Maja's house a Papa Smurf doll is seen.
  • Marceline's outfit was modeled after real-world clothing company American Apparel, as was the official promotional image (parodying the suggestive nature of American Apparel's advertising), as stated by storyboarder Jesse Moynihan on his official website.[3]
  • The sleeping gate bramble is similar to Devil's Snare from the Harry Potter universe. In order to get through the barrier, one must relax the body and mind.
  • When Marceline first appears in this episode, she's wearing a black cloak and a mask that resembles a mirror. This may be a reference to the 1943 experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon, which also has a figure clad in black with a mirror over its face.

"CTR" book on shelf


  • When Marceline says, "Give me Hambo!" her pants are gone, leaving her bare legs and panty shorts. However, after Marceline follows the Crabbit back to the foyer, her pants reappear.
  • While Princess Bubblegum is sleeping, her pants are magenta and have laces at the end of them. After she puts on her jacket over her rock t-shirt, the laces disappear and her pants become pink. They stay like this for the rest of the episode.



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