The skunk is Ice King's present for Jake in the episode "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I." Ice King brings it because he wants to watch the secret tapes with Finn and Jake, unaware they are his tapes, along with the fact that he thinks of them at friends at times. At the end of "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," Ice King gives Jake the skunk in return for Finn and Jake giving back his secret tapes.


The skunk appears like an ordinary skunk, except he has a red bow wrapped around his neck with a green ribbon. He has blue eyes and a pink nose. His stripe is shaped like an oval. His tail appears to be as big as his body.


  • Character designer Andy Ristaino says the skunk might have wandered off, which explains why it does not appear anymore.[1]
  • Like the Hedgehog Creatures and snakes, the skunk seems to lack intelligence.



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