This article is about the ladybug in Power Animal. You may be looking for Simon Petrikov, Ice King's human/original form.

Simon makes his first appearance in the episode "Power Animal." Simon is the only named ladybug who serves "grass shakes" for Jake to drink. After Jake finishes the last of the shake, Simon says, "All finished."

Simon also appears in "To Cut a Woman's Hair" at Finn and Princess Bubblegum's romantic dinner. Finn pays Simon to make the dinner romantic, so he pulls out a violin and begins to play. Simon also seems to prove that Finn and Jake are not afraid of ladybugs, but simply do not want them in the house.

He is also seen in the DS and 3DS game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, where he plays music to help open the door of the Door Lord.

Physical Appearance

Simon is a large and rounded ladybug that has a small face, and his sheen is a combination of black and burgundy. He also has two very short arms and legs.


All finished.

—"Power Animal"

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