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Shoko's tiger is a character from the episode "The Vault." It is Shoko's loyal companion, whom she rides throughout the episode.


It is a white tiger with blue eyes and black slash markings on its face, back, and tail. It has large blue irises but no pupils, and a large, pink, triangular nose.

According to Finn, it is chubby. Its gender is ambiguous.


Shoko's tiger is capable of being mounted by Shoko. It also understands her commands, shown when it complies after Shoko tells it to "play dead." It trusts her greatly and does not doubt her.

It slams a Bath Boy over a cliff with its paws, and can rear on its hind legs.  


Not much is shown of Shoko's Tiger's personality, but it seems loyal enough to Shoko to allow her to ride it and obey her commands. It also feels comfortable enough to sleep around Shoko, and eats the bread Shoko offers it from her hand.

Shoko's tiger also comes to her defense without being called when Shoko attacks a member of the Bath Boy Gang.

After Shoko falls into the irradiated river, Shoko's Tiger sits down on the shore, implying that it had a deep enough attachment that it would wait for her to come out. However, after Shoko reemerges as a large slug-like creature, her Tiger doesn't seem to recognize her and runs off in fear. It is unknown what happened to her Tiger after it ran away from her.


  • Shoko's Tiger could be female, as when Finn was recalling his past lives, he referred to Shoko's tiger as "she." However, because Finn initially believed that Shoko's tiger instead of Shoko was his previous life, which was a false first assumption, the tiger's gender is still in doubt.
  • Tigers are not, or at least were not, extinct in Ooo, as this tiger was still alive.
    • However, as white tigers are often a product of inbreeding, the tigers left on Ooo at that time were likely not very genetically diverse.
  • Jesse Moynihan has confirmed that Shoko's tiger is actually one of Jake's past lives[1], but this was canonically confirmed in "Together Again".
  • Like Jake's female version, Cake, Shoko's tiger is a cat.