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"Shh!" is the twentieth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and twenty-fourth episode overall.


Finn and Jake distress BMO when they wager not to talk for the day, making BMO think they are not the real Finn and Jake. To avoid them, BMO hides in the wall listening to its favorite song.


Finn and Jake decide to play a game of "who speaks first," using signs as their only means of communication, wagering that whoever talks first will be "really disappointed." They eat breakfast in the kitchen, where they encounter BMO, who plays its favorite song to them. BMO is startled when they do not speak and thinks they are not the real Finn and Jake, so it hides in a hole in the wall, continuing to play its favorite song to calm itself down. Finn and Jake then try to communicate with BMO in many ways (with Jake entering the hole in the wall and finding various creatures there), but all without success.

Meanwhile, BMO had invited a group of Bikini Babes over to dance, and the Bikini Babes begin to cluster at the door of the Tree Fort. The Bikini Babes fly on top of the house, where they hear BMO playing its favorite song. Finn and Jake try one last time to reach BMO by using axes to chop down their kitchen wall, but they end up creating a rift in the wall that extends to the ceiling, opening it up, so the Bikini Babes fall inside. BMO appears and yells at them to attack Finn and Jake. While the Bikini Babes weakly beat up Finn and Jake, Jake cries uncle, signaling that he has lost the game. BMO then realizes that Finn and Jake were their real selves all along. The two try to explain what happened, but BMO cuts them off to say that it does not care and invites them to party. Finn, Jake, BMO, and the Bikini Babes start dancing, and the Party God crash-lands through their roof to join in.

The episode ends with a dedication to the deceased Adventure Time storyboarder Armen Mirzaian.


Major characters

Minor characters



  • It is revealed in this episode that BMO can smell.
    • Also, it seems to be attracted by the smell of technological equipment.
  • The episode's title card references the scene where Finn and Jake hack into a wall to get to BMO.
  • One of the pictures on BMO's sarcophagus shows a bikini babe.
  • Finn's signs contained all upper-case lettering while Jake's signs contained mix-case lettering.
  • The first few airings of the episode had a dedication card at the end that said: "Armen Mirzaian (1977–2013) Aw, C'mon!". Cartoon Network later took this off to make room for more advertising, in-line with modern broadcasting practices. This edit is also apparent on Blu-ray and Flixster prints of the episode, but is absent from Vudu prints.
  • The title of this episode is the second shortest of the show, the first being "Orb."
  • Jake has his season 1 design throughout the entire episode. However, this may be unintentional.

Episode connections

Cultural references

  • BMO's favorite song is "No Wonder I," a song by LAKE, a band that includes Ashley Eriksson, the singer of the Adventure Time credits theme.
  • A Nintendo Entertainment System is seen at the bottom of the stack of equipment which Jake takes to lure BMO out with. The controllers, while having a shape reminiscent of the NES ones, have four colored buttons that follows the japanese/european SNES controller pattern.
  • When Finn and Jake are chopping the wall with axes, Jake pokes his head through one of the cracks he made with the axe. This is a reference to the 1980 movie The Shining in which Jack attacks the door with an axe and puts his head in the hole and says "Here's Johnny!"
  • When Finn and Jake communicate with signs, it could be a reference to one of Doraemon's comics where Nobita uses one of Doraemon's gadgets to make everything turn silent, and the two of them (including everyone else) have to communicate using signs. 

Production notes

  • This episode is dedicated to Armen Mirzaian, who died on February 21, 2013 in a car accident. This is the first episode to be dedicated in someone's memory. The second being the season 7 episode, "The Thin Yellow Line."
  • Elizabeth Ito returned to the show and was credited as "supervising director" on this episode.
  • The dividing line is between "James Baxter the Horse" and "Shh!," which have production codes 1014-124 and 1014-129, respectively (between them is where the movie would have gone).[citation needed]


  • When Finn and Jake try to bust through the wall, the note they had left for BMO disappears.
  • When Finn is wielding an ax, one frame has wrong-colored. Click to see.
  • When BMO is standing on one of the Bikini Babes' shoulders, it appears to be much smaller than usual.
  • When Finn hands his note to Jake in response to the "Life in the wall is a drag, man." note, it appears to be relative to Finn's regular size. But when Jake receives it in the wall, it is much smaller, relative to Jake's diminutive size.
  • Jake has to shrink to get in the wall, but even though BMO was bigger he got through easily.



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