Sharon is a Spiky Person seen in "Gut Grinder." She is the wife of Spiky Mayor. She was also the monstrous Gut Grinder, a costume she used to steal gold from nearby villages. After being caught, Sharon admitted she wanted the gold to buy things. She was then thrown into the spiky jail. She also acts like a teenager.

The Gut Grinder

The Gut Grinder appears in the episode "Gut Grinder." It looks similar to Jake but has darker, scruffier fur. The Gut Grinder's eyes undulate in a black and white pattern, similar to Jake's when he is being petted ("Gut Grinder" is also the first episode this is observable on Jake).

It is revealed at the end of the episode that The Gut Grinder is not really a monster but a disguise used by Sharon to steal gold. The disguise was supposedly chosen by Sharon because she thought Jake was "hot."


  • The Soft People seemed to have had problems with the Gut Grinder for a long time, meaning there may be another Gut Grinder somewhere out there. However, since the Soft People were always too scared to open their eyes whenever the Gut Grinder came near, it is unknown what the other Gut Grinder looks like or if it even exists.
  • During the scene in which Sharon is revealed to be the Gut Grinder, a member of the Spiky People crowd exclaims that she is the Mayor's wife. However, a voice quickly contradicts him and whispers "That's not the Mayor's wife!" which would make Sharon the Mayor's girlfriend or mistress. However, when the Mayor tells the guards to throw her in jail, he calls her his wife.
  • When Jake punches Sharon to the ground while she is dressed up as the Gut Grinder, you can hear her voice yelping.


Yes, Cameron, I've been stealing gold.

—"Gut Grinder"

Because I like to buy things, Cameron! I like to shop! And I dressed up like Jake because I think he's hot!

—"Gut Grinder"


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