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7718, or Seven (real name: Bill), is a bear who appears in the episode "Walnuts & Rain." In the past, he was a salesman who specialized in candles and playing cards and was on his way to the Candy Kingdom on his carriage when his horse became unstable and went off-road, crashing into a hole. When he looked out, he found himself sinking deeper in the hole. With just enough time, he managed to make a parachute before his carriage and him went falling down the hole. Ever since then he had been falling through down the seemingly bottomless hole. He survived on walnuts and rain that fell into the hole. He carved his name, "BILL," on the wood-board he was standing on so that he wouldn't forget it, though he later misinterprets it as "7718" when reading it upside-down.

In the episode "Walnuts & Rain," Jake fell into the same hole and landed on one of his parachute and started to stay with him on the falling carriage. They played cards and rapped to pass their time. The events of that episode followed with Jake and Seven falling through the Huge Kingdom's exhaust hood. Jake punches Huge King in the face and they escape the kingdom. Seven now inhabits the Grass Lands in the Land of Ooo.


Seven has the appearance of a normal bear. He wears a string with a walnut as a necklace and wore random strings around his face and pelvis area. As he appears in the episode "Walnuts & Rain" he is malnourished, his ribs show through his fur and he wears a candle atop his head as a sort of crude headlamp.


Seven is friendly as seen in the episode "Walnuts & Rain." He befriends Jake in the hole he fell in and became enthusiastic when Jake offered to play cards with him together. This means that he was lonely and loves attention in general. He is calm, smart, caring and is great at giving advice, especially in the same episode where he tells Jake not to leave as Jake might starve. He has a passion for card games, rapping and hot dogs.


[Gasp] [Stifled giggle] I forgot there were games like that.

—"Walnuts & Rain"

599 Mississippi, 3,600 Mississippi... but that was crazy boring.

Man, I don't give a toot!

—"Walnuts & Rain"



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