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Throughout the series, Adventure Time has had lots of scrapped ideas, plotlines, and episodes. This is an entire list of episodes, ideas, and plotlines for Adventure Time that have been scrapped/cancelled ideas.


Brothers in Insomnia[]

This is an unproduced episode that was planned early during season one. This episode was scrapped and had its production code number taken by "Rainy Day Daydream". According to the plot synopsis: "Finn and Jake return home exhausted and try to get to sleep. Then they hear sounds that lead them to a miniature village under the roots of their Tree Fort. However, to fit inside Jake has to shrink to tiny size while Finn can only fit his hand inside. They attempt to save the dewdrop people that live there from a root monster, but are hindered by the fact that Jake's too tired to keep his shape, while Finn is distracted by cows licking him."


Cloudy had initially been planned to be a Season 1 episode, before eventually being repurposed as the Season 9 episode, "Cloudy", part of the Elements miniseries in 2017.

The Helmet of Thorogon[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage, which featured Finn and Jake going on an adventure to find a magical helmet.

The Mumbling Man[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage, which featured Finn trying to teach people to not be prejudiced, only to realize his own prejudice. The episode was scrapped and unproduced possibly following the subject of racism being the plot concept of an Adventure Time episode would be too controversial, which is ironic since other animated television shows (especially ones made for older kids) had episodes with racism as the subject for an episode.

Tower of Bone[]

This was a Season 1 two-part episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage, featuring Finn and Jake facing off against the Lich King. The episode was never produced and was scrapped. The concept of a full length two-part episode was never touched again until 2015 with the seventh season episode, "The More You Moe, The More You Moe, The Moe You Know".


This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage. This episode features Finn and Jake fighting a mysterious individual who freezes people with his touch.


This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage during production of the first season. The episode revolves around Finn wearing Jake as a suit. The idea of Finn wearing Jake as a suit of armor was shelved as an episode idea. He was seen wearing Jake as his suit in the Season 2 episode, "The Silent King" where Finn and Jake go and save the Goblin Kingdom from Xergiok.

After production of Season 1 was completed in 2010 just before the series hit the airwaves. The concept idea from the former was saved for the fifth season in 2013 with a completely rewritten plot from the original unproduced Season 1 episode, retitled as "Jake Suit".

The Glorriors[]

This was a Season 1 episode with a focus more on action, featuring the titular Glorriers facing off against Greywhack. The storyboard was later released on Frederator's blog and can be read here. The storyboard shows a greater emphasis on action scenes than most season one episodes, and according to the blog post, it may have been "a casualty of jumping into production without having had any serious development time."

Diamond Jim[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage. From the looks of the story notes, it seems BMO gets its memory erased in it. The Old Man from the animated short was also scheduled to appear in this episode.


"Jake-Less" was a preliminary outline for an unproduced episode of Adventure Time. The idea was presented to Cartoon Network to produce the animated show, though the episode was scrapped. This episode was originally going to be the first episode before "The Enchiridion!" was produced as the first Adventure Time episode produced in production order. In the episode, Jake flies too close to the sun, causing him to lose his magical powers.

The concept idea of Jake losing his powers was reused and retooled for another first season episode titled, "The Witch's Garden". However, the plot of that episode is different from the former as it involves Jake eating a donut from the Witch's Garden, resorting him into losing his powers as punishment for trespassing the garden.

One Hot Worm[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage. In this scrapped episode, Finn is driven by his adventurous spirit to complete a real old-fashioned quest.

The Knight and the Werewolf[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage. In this, Finn tries to prove his heroism to Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. The concept of Finn wondering whether Princess Bubblegum and Marceline consider him a hero was reused in "What Was Missing" during the song "My Best Friends in the World" in the show's third season.

Pink and Proud[]

This was a Season 1 episode outline that never made it to the storyboarding stage. In this scrapped episode, Princess Bubblegum would try to learn to be less girly.

Season 6 Basil Twist Episode[]

The Basil Twist Episode is an unproduced (and unnamed) episode that was intended to involve a collaboration with with designer/director/puppeteer and MacArthur Fellowship recipient Basil Twist. The episode concept was conceived in 2013, but didn’t move beyond the early development stage and plans for that episode were eventually cancelled. The plot for it was written (check out the episode's page), but still, nothing went to fruition afterward.

The Original Season 9 Finale[]


The Mole Person setup

Before the conclusion of Adventure Time's original final season, an alternate four-part finale had been planned to be the Season 9 (later placed over to season 10) finale. Little is known about the plot of the episode, but it would have involved mole people in some way, and be a direct follow-up to an alternate draft of "Gumbaldia", which was rewritten after the series finished production. Setup for the Mole people was seen in the episode, "The First Investigation", as Jake encountered one.

The Malteser Penguin[]

"The Malteser Penguin" is an unproduced episode written and storyboarded by George Mager, who was invited by the writing staff to design a future episode.[1] Production of the episode made it as far as the storyboard-testing phase until the series was announced to end with its ninth season—the season later re-titled "Season 10" in accordance with the DVDs. The unfinished storyboard-test was later released on George Mager's personal blog.

Movies and Miniseries[]

Season 5 TV Movie[]

Originally, Season 5 was to end with a big television movie as its finale. This would've been a four-part episode, featuring the Dead Worlds, Orgalorg, and Maja. The plot of the TV movie was all eventually recycled into the show in some forms, with the first 10 minutes of the movie becoming "Something Big", the Orgalorg plotline making up the main story of Season 6, and the idea of Finn traversing the Dead Worlds being used in "Together Again". This could have been the first time Adventure Time would have a full length movie of its very own if only it were not cancelled.

Theatrical Movie[]

A feature film based on Adventure Time was announced on February 27, 2015. While a synopsis and release date weren't released, it was revealed that Chris McKay and Roy Lee, who worked on The LEGO Movie, would be producing the movie.[2] Pendleton Ward would have some involvement in writing and producing for the film, and Warner Bros. would be the movie's main distributor.

In October 2015, Adam Muto confirmed that Pendleton Ward was still working on the premise for the film, but there was "nothing official to announce yet." On July 22, 2018, Muto noted that "an [Adventure Time] movie was never officially announced."[3] On August 31, 2018, Muto said the finale of the show would not affect as a potential movie, nor would the finale lead directly into a film. He also noted that "all the lore and stuff would not work for a first time viewer", indicating a potential movie would have to be highly accessible in order to be fully developed.[4] The film was later revealed to have been disconnected from the planned TV movie, with a plot being left unrevealed.

In 2020, BenDavid Gabrinski, writer of Happily and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, revealed he was previously a writer on the movie, but that it never came to fruition.[5][6]

As of 2023, plans for a theatrical Adventure Time movie have been cancelled.

More Miniseries[]

In the late stages of the show's development, there was discussion of more miniseries shows focusing on characters like BMO and Marceline. Cartoon Network reportedly liked these ideas, but both ideas for a BMO and Marceline miniseries show were cancelled before they could be made. However, some of these miniseries were later turned into Distant Lands episodes, such as "BMO" and "Obsidian".


Season 10[]

Before the restructuring of seasons following Adventure Time's conclusion, there was originally planned to be an additional season before the show came to an end, following the then-ninth season, now split into what we have is a Season 10. In the season, there would have been episodes focusing on Susan Strong, Minerva, Gumbald, and Sweet P. There was also reportedly going to be multiple miniseries in the backend of the season. These never made it to fruition and very little about them is known as of 2023.

Season 11 Comics[]

The comic series Adventure Time: Season 11 was planned to be a 12 issue miniseries. However, this series of comic books was cancelled after it's sixth issue, leaving the remaining six unfinished. According to Ted Anderson, Season 11 was cancelled by BOOM! due to low sales, making the Issue 6 the final issue of the series. The season finale would have made a return of Dr. Gross, who plotted a genetic plague, and Samantha.