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Scorpions first appear in "Evicted!" at Finn and Jake's cave party. Two giant scorpions briefly appear in the Land of the Dead during "Death in Bloom". In "The Limit", Finn and Jake stumble upon a scorpion lair in the Labyrinth. Though their numbers were many, Jake holds them off in spite of their venomous stings. They also attack the Hot Dog Knights, but they survived because Hot Dog People are immune to poison. In "Lemonhope Part 1", Lemonhope fends off a trio of scorpions on the pirate ship by tooting his flute at them. In "Little Brother", a scorpion attends Shelby's house party. A scorpion dressed in bling appears in the Distant Lands episode, "Obsidian".

List of Known Scorpions[]

Image Name Basic Description
Party Scorpion The Party Scorpion is a scorpion that appears at the party in the episode "Little Brother". Shelby strove to impress her with Parkour after she said that Pincer Beetle was the "craziest bug at this party". She appears to have a personality that thrives on the life of the party. She is very energetic and she speaks what is on her mind. She is also somewhat of a jerk, after Shelby told her that he had moves, she accused him of only being able to do "The Worm".

She is voiced by Amy Sedaris.

S1e12 Scorpion
Cave Scorpion The Cave Scorpion is a scorpion that appears among many other party guests in the episode "Evicted!"
S2e17 Scorpion
S2e17 Scorpion 2
Orange Scorpions The Orange Scorpions were scorpions that appeared in a cave during "Death in Bloom".
S2e22 hot dogs4
Obstacle Scorpions The Obstacle Scorpions were scorpions that appeared in "The Limit". They appeared out of a hole and attacked the Hot Dog Knights, but Jake plugged up the whole, causing the scorpions to sting him instead.
S5e50 scorpions
Ship Scorpions The Ship Scorpions are scorpions that appeared in an abandoned pirate ship during "Lemonhope Part 1". Lemonhope greeted them, but they didn't appear to like him very much.
Obsidian Scorpion
Desert Scorpion The Desert Scorpion is a scorpion that young Marceline spots in the Distant Lands episode "Obsidian". It appears to be a tan, relatively small scorpion wearing 3-D glasses and a cap with a stylized "s" on it, both of which were small enough to fit it almost perfectly. It was seen atop a skeleton's skull.


They sport a pair of claws in front and a venomous stinger tail in back. Their color varies, though it ranges from dark purple to black. Tan- to brown-colored specimens have also been seen, however.



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