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Scorcher is introduced in "Hitman" when the Ice King (not knowing exactly what a hitman is) sends him a request to hit Finn and Jake. He eventually goes away when Ice King fools him into thinking that he killed Finn and Jake. It is possible that he came from the Fire Kingdom. With his weapon as fire, Scorcher can also turn into smoke to sneak into tight spaces. He never speaks. He appeared again in "Gumbaldia" and joined Gumbald's army to attack and conquer the Candy Kingdom.


Scorcher is an extremely tall and imposing figure, roughly twice the height of the Ice King. His skin is dark red. His clothes consist of a tattered grey loincloth, headwrap, and bandages wrapped around his legs, feet and wrists. His face is covered except for his glowing red eyes. When Ice King is trying to distract him, it is seen that he is quite muscular.


Scorcher takes his hits very seriously. Once he accepts a job he is dedicated to completing the hit and won't focus on anything else at all until it is completed. He will only stop once the hit is complete - whether or not he is the person's cause of death. Upon completion of his hit Scorcher leaves a note which reads "Echoes of past events, nudge the tiller on my present course. I await its reflection in the future." Scorcher apparently trusts in fire to kill people; after starting a fire at Finn and Jake's Tree Fort he leaves and waits at Ice King's castle to inform Ice King the hit was complete. Once Ice King arrives and says he put out the fire, Scorcher is surprised and immediately resumes his attack on Finn and Jake. According to his hitman profile page he is "quick, quiet, and relentless." He is very persistent, continuing to attempt to kill Finn and Jake even after the Ice King insisted for him to stop numerous times (i.e. bribing him to stop), suggesting money is not his actual motivation.


Scorcher is a pyrokinetic, which means he is a wizard who casts fire-oriented spells. In a lot of ways, he is the flipside to everything Ice King is.

Specifically, he can telekinetically control fire, conjure it through his hands and feet and travel through it in an instant by transforming into pure fire. Interestingly, he can conjure objects out of nowhere with his fire, as he was able to use a burst of fire in the palm of his hand to conjure up a contract for the Ice King to sign for his mission. He can also levitate and also turn into a mist of black smoke but the limits to this are unknown. He uses this black smoke ability when Finn and Jake are sleeping, and he starts to fly into their mouths. This could be an attempt to suffocate or poison them, but Ice King blew the smoke out of the room so the effect is unclear. Scorcher possesses extreme agility and assassination abilities that were shown when he easily took out Blastronaut.

According to Ice King, he's "made out of fire. Or he commands fire... Maybe?"


  • When the Ice King tried to distract him, he wasn't interested in "a supermodel, a hoverboard, or the apocalypse," but reacted when Ice King said, "Someone got hit in the boingloings."
  • There is someone on a wanted poster that greatly resembles him as seen in "You Made Me."
  • Scorcher does appear to have limits as when GOLB attacks Ooo he chooses to fly away.


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