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The Science Barbecue was a conference of science enthusiasts organized by Princess Bubblegum in the episode "The Real You." It included people giving science speeches. There was probably going to be a meal, because Princess Bubblegum and Flambo were seen lighting up a grill beforehand, and during the event, cooked chicken wings were seen. Flambo did not stay for the barbecue.


The Science Barbecue was held in the yard of Princess Bubblegum's castle in the Candy Kingdom. The speakers stood on a stage with the message "Science is the BEST!!!" sloppily written on it. The audience sat at two picnic tables and stood on the grass. Behind the barbecue was the Cotton Candy Forest and some pink mountains.

Order of events[]

  • Audience arrives.
  • Dr. Dextrose speaks about the future of cuteness.
  • Finn gives a demonstration about bubbles in different dimensions.
  • Finn creates a black hole.
  • Finn and Jake stop the black hole from sucking everyone up.