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Science is a candy corn lab rat that first appeared in "From Bad to Worse". It lives in a cage on Princess Bubblegum's table. It was trained to perform complex scientific related tasks. Princess Bubblegum tries to tell Finn that "Science is my rat!" but turns into a candy zombie in mid-sentence. Once he finally figures this out, Finn releases it out of the cage for it to make the zombie formula that cures all the zombies. At the end of the episode, it's awarded a medal from Princess Bubblegum for saving the Candy Kingdom.

In "Too Young", when Princess Bubblegum and Finn attempted to spice the Earl of Lemongrab's food, two candy corn rats are seen sitting next to them, but neither of them was Science. In "Sky Witch", it is seen in Bubblegum's closet.


Science looks like a piece of candy corn with ears, a small orange nose, feet, and a long yellow tail. In "Sky Witch" Science is seen wearing a beige sweater.


Princess Bubblegum[]

As seen in "Bonnibel Bubblegum", Science has accompanied Bonnibel since she was a child approximately 800 years ago. It is unknown exactly if she created it or if her creation was hers independent of her.

Despite being her pet for centuries, Science does not seem to favor her creator since she is a member of the Veritas Brigade, a rebel organization against the princess[1].


  • Science's key role in "From Bad to Worse" is appropriate because it looks like candy corn and the episode was the Halloween special.
  • Although Finn nearly died by covering himself in the antidote in "From Bad to Worse," Science received the medal. This was because Science made the antidote.
  • It is implied that Science is a female when Finn asks Science, "What is it, girl?"
  • Science's tank has a label on the bottom left corner that reads "SCIENCE" and "TS-19 04." TS-19, or Test Subject 19, may be a reference to The Walking Dead, in which Edwin Jenner, a scientist at the Center for Disease Control, labels his wife TS-19 after she is infected with the walker virus.
  • Science appears briefly in "Nemesis."
  • Science also appears very briefly in "Too Young" in the ceiling of the castle with 13-year-old Princess Bubblegum and Finn when they are spicing Lemongrabs meal, technically marking its first appearance.