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#REDIRECT [[Schwabl]]
|image = [[File:Zombie Poodle.png]]
|name = Schwable
|species = [[Undead]], [[Dogs|Dog]], Zombie
|sex = Male
|firstintroduced = "[[It Came from the Nightosphere]]"}}
'''Schwable'''<ref></ref> is [[Marceline]]'s pet zombie poodle. He appears in "[[It Came from the Nightosphere]]" inside [[Marceline's House]]. He is behind [[Finn]] most of the time and walks into another room when Finn starts beatboxing.
Schwable is fluffy and white with black eyes and a black nose. He looks like a normal poodle.
*[[Pendleton Ward]] has confirmed that Schwable is based on his friend Marie's dog Schwable. Schwable is a white male poodle that has recently passed away and is seen on the show as Marceline's zombie dog that roams around her house.{{Citation needed}}
*In "[[Marceline's Closet]]," Jake uses a dog door to enter into Marceline's house. It can be assumed this was built for Schwable.
<gallery position="center" spacing="small" orientation="landscape" captionalign="center">
schwabl concept art.jpg|concept art by [[Phil Rynda]].
schwabl concept art2.jpg
S2e1 schwabl lying down.png
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