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The Scarab is a god auditor who checks in on Cosmic Entities to make sure they adhere to their duties. He serves as the main antagonist in season one of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake.


Scarab is a red, insect-like humanoid, having a skinny torso with wide shoulders and pointy hips and segmented jagged joints that appear to be part of an exoskeleton. His torso resembles a red suit and tie, and his featureless head seems to be evenly segmented, possibly wrapped like a mummy. His rhombus-shaped face plate is rigid and mask-like, sporting two adjustable black slits for eyes, which aren’t evident unless his pupils glow red with rage, and is molded somewhat like the carapace of an actual scarab. This face plate can be removed by either flipping it up or coming apart in segments, revealing Scarab's true face. His actual face is a lighter shade of red and spherical, and sports yellow beady eyes and ivory mandibles. His face plate also seems to change his voice when worn, going from a grotesque, shrimpy voice to a more cultured, posh voice when worn. He carries a green cane, which can extend its length and fire a beam from the blue crystal sitting atop it.


Scarab is a very serious individual, not making jokes and always being focused. However, beneath his professional demeanor, he's a particularly cruel and violent individual who takes sadistic pleasure in persecuting rogue Cosmic Entities, finding any chance he can get to incarcerate them, even if it's merely a small offense.

He revealed to be vengeful against Prismo, as he deemed the latter unworthy of being the wishmaster. Upon discovering his unauthorized use of his power, Scarab decided to report this to the superiors so that he could take his place. His loathing for Prismo goes as far as to wreak havoc on Fionna's world out of spite even after it was officially canonized.

He appears to be dedicated to his role and to rules. Upon discovering Fionna and Cake crossing over to a new reality, he declared their very existence was a violation and sought to destroy their universe, which was located in the mind of Simon Petrikov. To that end, he promptly began to chase the trio through the Multiverse, stopping at nothing to destroy them no matter who got in his way and ignored other cases. He even tried to convince his fellows to allow him to continue, despite nearly being attacked for shirking his responsibilities.

He is quite condescending, as he labeled Fionna and Cake as abominations, declaring their very existence was why things never go their way.

Despite keeping a serious façade most of the time, he becomes visibly startled when threatened by characters of equal or superior power to himself, such as Orbo, usually letting out a short scream. On a slight note, he appears antisocial, as he stated he was never invited to parties. However, it is likely he was angry at not being included in activities.


As a Cosmic Entity, he is a very powerful being and skilled at taking down fugitive entities. He uses a crystalline device with multiple functionalities. This device can project a sort of energy weapon, transform victims into pixelated creatures to be put in capsules, project holographic messages and interfaces, and use the pink goo source of the Prismo's Time Room magi-technology to function as a portal.

Like other Cosmic Entities, Scarab is practically immortal and has an immense life span. This makes him highly resistant to most attacks, although he's not fully impervious to damage, since his outer shell could crack and his limbs can be cut off (although he can put them back). He appears to be able to feel pain too, as some attacks like Farmworld Finn's flamethrower have made him scream. After GOLBetty deconstructed him into smaller insectoid creatures, Scarab could reassemble his body by reuniting all the creatures.

Fellow entity Prismo became terrified at the thought of him discovering Fionna and Cake's existence and voiced they could all get into serious trouble. His fear was well placed, as Scarab easily tossed him aside and declared that he would incinerate Fionna and Cake's universe. Later on, Scarab was seen using his device in a wand-like shape to shoot beams that would erase parts of an universe upon impact.

His body is able to shape-shift, allowing him to disguise himself when he is invading other universes. He is also shown to possess telepathy, as he was able to send a mental message to Cake while trapped in Ice by Winter King, which left her shaken.

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  • Prismo once called him "Scrabby", something he claims to have not been called in a while.
    • Much later, he is called that by his fellow entities.
  • He appears to not be well liked among his fellows, due to arresting them for minor offenses.