"Scamps" is the twenty-second episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and twenty-first episode overall.


Finn takes a group of at-risk Candy Kingdom youth on a camping trip they'll never forget.


The episode begins with the Pup Gang kicking a giant strawberry, only to be confronted by the Marshmallow Kids—Gary, Johnny, Sunshine, and Hugo—who tell them that they are trespassing on their five-way intersection. The Pup Gang protest, but the Marshmallow Kids proceed to light themselves on fire to intimidate them and they leave. Tommy, a Candy Tavern bartender, runs out of his tavern and thanks the Marshmallow Kids for "keeping the bad elements at bay". Gary, the Marshmallow Kids' leader, asks Tommy if the kids can set up a game booth outside the tavern, and he agrees. Meanwhile, Finn and Jake are spying on them, and Princess Bubblegum is spying on Finn and Jake.

The kids set up their shell game booth and proceed to successfully scam Starchy, who is interested in playing, out of his life savings. Finn and Jake witness this and alert the Banana Guards. The Marshmallow Kids make a getaway through a secret tunnel, but Finn follows them and Jake corners them. Finn is about to take the Marshmallow Kids to juvenile hall, but upon learning of their underprivileged backgrounds and that they have apparently never seen objects as basic as trees, he decides to take them on a nature walk instead.

In the Cotton Candy Forest, Finn allows the kids to explore the wilderness, and all seems to be going fine until Gary falls into a river while crossing a log. Finn manages to save Gary, only to come back and find Johnny, Sunshine, and Hugo scamming a squirrel out of his nuts with the shell game. The kids laugh at him for getting duped and scamper off. Finn then receives a call from Princess Bubblegum asking him if things are going fine, and he does not reveal what has just happened. The kids are actually impressed at him for lying to the Princess and, convinced that he is a scammer like them, ask Finn to teach them his ways.

Finn proceeds to teach the Marshmallow Kids a variety of wilderness tips, including building a shelter, picking berries, and starting a fire, using scamming lingo to get them to understand him. Night falls and Finn, satisfied, decides to take a mental picture to remember the trip, but in the process he accidentally stumbles into quicksand. He asks the kids to toss him a nearby vine, but they are unable to comprehend this simple task into scamming terms.

They find themselves forced to "go old-school" and rough-house the vine into dropping to reach Finn, and when he escapes they tell him that they were unable to scam the vine into being a rope and are therefore unworthy of his mentorship. Finn tells them that they were never scamming anything at all, and were merely going camping. The kids are shocked and impressed that Finn managed to scam them into thinking that they were scamming. Finn insists that he was not pulling any scams, but eventually gives up.

The next day, Bubblegum arrives at the Candy Kingdom Preschool to check on the Marshmallow Kids. Finn directs her to the window, and she is pleased to see the kids finding joy in using "scams" to learn mathematics, geography, and reading. Meanwhile, Finn and Bubblegum catch Jake, who had earlier been impressed by the kids making $500 a day with their shell game scam, trying to pull the same scam on two bystanders.


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  • The globe the Marshmallow Kids are spinning has a big dent in it, just like the planet itself.
  • The children's hand pictures beside the blackboard show they have three to four fingers.

Cultural references

  • The Marshmallow Kids play the classic "shell game" famous among con artists.
  • The five-way intersection in the beginning of the episode most likely refers to Five Points, Manhattan, New York City. This area of New York has an infamous history due to gang-related riots in the 19th century, which was also featured in 2002 film Gangs of New York.

Episode connections

  • The Snail can be seen on the bookcase.
  • Jake references his early criminal past.
    • In the end of the episode, Jake is even seen playing the shell game the Marshmallow Kids were seen playing earlier in the episode and when confronted with his slip-up, he nervously disregards it and claims the people he was playing with dropped the shells.
  • Finn is separately sinking in quicksand following the example of Jake in "Red Starved."

Production notes

  • This episode leaked online before its intended airdate.

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