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The Sassy People are made out of pizza. They are expert pizza makers and own Pizza Sassy's, a pizza parlor in the Candy Kingdom. Some of the people from the Institute of So Und appear to be Pizza People and own a restaurant called Pizza Sassy's.


Their faces are made of cheese, presumably with tomato sauce underneath, lined with pizza crust. Many Sassy People who work at Pizza Sassy's wear a green sweater with a pizza logo on the top left.

Sassy People[]

Jumping Sassy People[]


Jumping Sassy people.

The Jumping Sassy People appear in the background of the episode, "Joshua and Margaret Investigations," while Joshua and Margaret drive by, they appear to be playing a game that involves jumping.

Old Sassy Person[]

Old pizza person

Old Pizza Person

An old sassy person was seen in "The Diary" walking in the forest with a walking stick. He kindly greets T.V. while passing by, to which T.V. rudely ignores by teleporting away.


Official art[]