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Santa Claus is a minor character that makes his first appearance in "Broke His Crown." He currently exists inside the Ice King's crown due to him having worn the crown previously. It is possible that his myth did not survive the Mushroom War, as Princess Bubblegum didn't recognize his name when mentioned.


Santa Claus appears as the stereotypical depiction of the myth, albeit in Adventure Time's animated style. He has pink skin, long, white hair with a beard, and glasses. He wears a red suit with white cuffs.


  • The Santa Claus myth started with bishop Saint Nicholas, known for his generous gifts to the poor. However, it is unlikely that this is actually him, given his appearance. In turn, it is possible that he is Father Christmas, the first "fictitious" iteration of the myth that inspired the current idea of Santa Claus (dating back to the sixteenth century at the latest). Furthermore, Santa Claus identifies himself as such, instead of Saint Nicholas.


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