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The Sand City is a ruined underground city seen in "Red Starved", wherein FinnJake, and Marceline, go to find the Spoon of Prosperity. Most areas in the city are dangerous as the ruined sand structures are unstable, making them prone to collapse.


The city lies within a dark sand cavern located under the Desert Lands. It is entirely composed of crumbling structures and columns made out of sand. Some areas feature the sand corpses of the city's previous inhabitants. In addition, there are smaller caverns located throughout the city. The only known way into the city is through a large hole that leads underground.

Former Inhabitants[]


The city's former inhabitants were turned to sand.

The Sand City was formerly inhabited by a race of humanoid creatures. One day, a man named Paris used the power of his friend the Crab Demon planned to turn the entire city's inhabitants into sand. After this, the two would reanimate them and use them to conquer the Crab Demon's homeland. He was successful in doing so to a group of them, but was unfortunately sealed off inside of the room he began in by a group of four wisemen, who died holding the stone that trapped him in place.


Little is known about the origins and the inhabitants of the city. However, it is revealed that almost all of its inhabitants were turned to sand by the Crab Demon and Paris. They did this in an attempt to reanimate the deceased residents and use them to conquer the demon's homeland in the center of the planet. By end of "Red Starved," roughly half of the city was accidentally destroyed by Finn, Jake, and Marceline.