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This article is about the dog. You may be looking for the princess.

Samantha is an anthropomorphic dog who appears in "The Pit." Kee-Oth claims she tried to steal his blood, so he throws her in the pit with Jake.

She appeared again in "Gumbaldia" and joined Gumbald's army to attack and conquer the Candy Kingdom.


Samantha is an anthropomorphic dog with brown fur and waist-length, curly dark-brown hair. She wears a strapless, torn off-white dress belted with a gray sash. She is about three times taller than Jake.



When Samantha is thrown into the pit with Jake, Kee-Oth demands that the two fight to the death. Samantha initially resists fighting for romantic reasons: "I haven’t seen a man-dog in years, and now the universe has dropped one into my arms!” Jake immediately rebuffs her advances because of his relationship with Lady Rainicorn: "This boy's got." Samantha is angered, and proceeds to fight with Jake, despite his insistence that Finn will arrive soon to bust them out of the pit. In combat, Samantha easily overpowers Jake (whose blood was just stolen by Kee-Oth), and is fighting him when Finn and Lady Rainicorn arrive. When they defeat Kee-Oth, Jake offers to take her back to the Tree House, and she accepts. As she walks out the front door, she flirtatiously says to Jake, "Let's fight again sometime." He declines.

Lady Rainicorn[]

When Lady Rainicorn warps into Kee-Oth's lair, she sees Samantha holding Jake in a crushing grip. She calls out to Jake in Korean, worried about this perceived flirtation, and he replies: "This is not hugging, it's fighting! Fighting!" After Samantha leaves the Tree Fort, Jake ends the episode by reassuring Lady Rainicorn that he loves her.


But I haven't seen a man-dog in years, and now the universe has dropped one into my arms.

But fate has brought us together. The stars have paired you with a goddess.

I don't wait for rescue. I conquer till I am conquered… by love… or by the hand of an adversary.