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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Sad Face" from season 6, which aired on May 12, 2014.

Blue Nose (Jake's tail)
Tree Fort
Bug circus
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[In the Tree Fort, BMO and Neptr are watching Finn and Jake sleep.]
Neptr: BMO, when is something going to happen?
BMO: Shh. Just watch. It happens once a month—I promise.
Jake: [yawns]
[His tail twitches.]
BMO: [pointing] This is it!
[Jake's tail starts stretching.]
Neptr: Oooooh.
[BMO beckons Neptr, and they follow the tail downstairs. The tail stretches over to the couch, where it takes a hat out from between the cushions and puts it on. It then stretches over to the kitchen table and prepares a bindle of various fruits and nuts. The tail stretches to the front door, opens it, and leaves the fort.]
Neptr: But where does it go?
BMO: That's none of our business.
[The tail continues stretching over hills, under a horse, into a forest, and past the entrance of a circus.]
Bug: Tickets! Get your tickets here! See the world's greatest tiny circus! Witness the amazing wood-eating termite! The mighty strong-ant!
[At the back of the circus, the ringmaster confronts Jake's tail.]
Ringmaster: You're late, Blue Nose! Get into makeup!
[Jake's tail stretches into his trailer. Meanwhile, inside the big top, a blindfolded praying mantis throws a sharp projectile at a target, against which leans a female bug. The projectile hits the target, and the audience oohs and aahs. The mantis throws another one and narrowly misses the bug, which elicits gasps and applause from the audience.]
[Inside Blue Nose's trailer, Jake's tail puts on makeup, comprising a blue nose and a sad mouth.]
[Back in the tent, the band gives a drum roll and the audience gasps. The Snail, wearing a swim cap, does a flip off the top of a staircase into a bucket of water.]
Audience: [cheers and applauds]
[The Snail exits, and a record starts playing some melancholy music. Blue Nose enters the arena pushing a cart of oranges. He picks up an orange and sets it back down, but it rolls off and lands on the ground. Blue Nose shakes his head and rolls the orange away. He then notices a bee puppet sleeping in the pile of oranges. Blue Nose wakes it up and helps it down. It bows, and Blue Nose does the same. It starts dancing, and Blue Nose joins in. After bowing to each other again, the puppet suddenly places its hands over its heart and falls down. A spotlight shines on the puppet, and it is hoisted up to the ceiling. Blue Nose dances for a bit but ends up staring at the ground.]
Audience member: [laughs mockingly]
Audience: [boos and hisses]
Male audience member: You stink!
Young girl in audience: [cries]
[The audience throws various trash and food at Blue Nose, who leaves the arena.]
Ringmaster: [to Blue Nose] Too much artsy, not enough fartsy. We talked about this, clown! [to audience] Heh-heh, wasn't that something? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you're perfectly safe. But at this time, I'd like to ask anyone with a medical condition to please leave the premises at once. What you're about to witness with your own eyes may shock and astound you to your very core.
[An audience member takes a sip of bug milk.]
Ringmaster: Tonight, I give you the wildest, most dangerous beast anywhere in captivity! The horrible, the stupendous... [cracks whip] Goralina!
[The audience gasps as a shackled chipmunk is brought to the center of the arena. Blue Nose turns around to watch. The ringmaster cracks his whip, and a member of the audience throws its bug milk at Goralina, giving her a black eye. She growls, and the ringmaster continues cracking his whip. Goralina roars and breaks her handcuffs, drags the bugs holding her restraints on their backs, and slaps two more bugs with her tail.]
Ringmaster: [cracking whip] [laughs] Attagirl!
[Goralina picks up the ringmaster and throws him at the audience. She then grabs a handful of screaming audience members and stuffs them into her mouth.]
Dad bug: [to son] Don't worry, Junior. It's all part of the act.
[The audience continues screaming as Blue Nose wheels a flight of stairs up to Goralina and climbs them. He nods to the band, which starts playing some slow music. Blue Nose starts wiggling back and forth like a kind of inverse snake charmer. Goralina gets hypnotized and starts swaying back and forth, along with the audience. The blindfolded mantis runs in and throws a tranquilizing projectile into her tail. Goralina continues swaying for a bit, but she soon closes her eyes, falls with a thud, and spits out the audience members. Blue Nose rests on the staircase as the scene transitions with an iris wipe.]
[The scene changes to the ringmaster trying to fit a 5¢ coin into a safe. Blue Nose knocks on the door.]
Ringmaster: Blue Nose! Boy, am I glad to see you. Come in, come in! Sit down. You did good out there tonight with the belly-dancing routine. Real good. Aw, don't give me that look. I know we said we were going to let the chipmunk go at the end of last season, but Goralina is our big draw. You understand that.
[Blue Nose remains motionless.]
Ringmaster: We're barely breaking even here—what do you want from me?! Look, there's another show in an hour. You come up with an act that can rival Goralina, then we can talk. But look what she got us last night: three whole pennies. Think you can make me this kind of cash? You do that, I won't need the chipmunk anymore. I'll let her go, just like I promised. But you're gonna have to lose the fancy-schmancy stuff and [pounds table] give the people what they want! Get it?!
[The door creaks shut offscreen. Blue Nose visits Goralina in her cage and removes a sign saying "DO NOT FEED THE MONSTER." He takes off his hat and offers the fruits and nuts inside to the chipmunk, who eats them hungrily. On his way back to the tent, he overturns the cart of oranges and bee puppet. Outside the tent, he opens a chest marked "BLUE NOSE" and glances at the whoopee cushion and spritzer inside.]
[The scene changes to inside the tent, where the band is playing some lively music. Blue Nose enters the arena, and the band stops playing. Blue Nose cranks the record player, and the same melancholy music starts playing. The ringmaster slaps himself in disappointment. Blue Nose then sits on a chair with a cushion, triggering the whoopee cushion underneath it.]
Audience: [laughs]
Ringmaster: [pleased] The old Blue Nose magic.
[He tosses the whoopee cushion aside and sits back down, but the chair suddenly breaks apart.]
Audience: [laughs]
[Blue Nose goes over to a table, picks up a cup, and taps the spritzer, which sprays him in the face. He shudders and taps the spritzer again. He picks it up and sits on it, causing it to spray everywhere.]
Audience: [laughs]
Dad bug: [to son] Aren't you glad we came back for the second show?
[Blue Nose then goes back to the record player and starts scratching it and dancing. He stops, stares at it, and goes offscreen. He returns with a stick, with which he smashes the player and shatters the record.]
Audience: [laughs, cheers, and applauds] [throws pennies into the arena]
[Blue Nose shakes his head disapprovingly, then leaves the arena.]
Ringmaster: Oho! You were great, kid! That's what I'm talking about. With you and the chipmunk in the show, we're gonna have a real one-two punch!
[Blue Nose shakes with fury and gets up in the ringmaster's face.]
Ringmaster: Hey... I know what I said, but I want to see how many boxcars this gravy train has on it.
[Goralina is brought in.]
Ringmaster: Look at her. It's like looking at a big, sad dollar sign.
[Blue Nose shakes angrily and picks up the ringmaster's whip.]
Ringmaster: [gasps]
[Blue Nose cracks it at the ringmaster.]
Ringmaster: Yipe!
Audience: [laughs, cheers, applauds]
[Blue Nose chases the ringmaster around the arena with the whip, cracking it intermittently.]
Ringmaster: Whoa-ho!
Strongman: [laughs] [sees Blues Nose coming for him] Oh!
[Blue Nose wraps around the strongman, turns him upside down, and repeatedly hits his head on the ground.]
Audience: [laughs]
[Blue Nose motions for Goralina to join him. The chipmunk nods, breaks its shackles, and runs out of the tent with Blue Nose. The ringmaster and strongman follow them outside, where the strongman grabs Blue Nose's body and starts yanking him back.]
Ringmaster: That's right. Lift with your legs first, then put your back into it.
[They reach Blue Nose's head.]
Ringmaster: There he is. Gotcha! Thought you could skip out, eh? and start your own circus!
Strongman: Yeah, you! You and your corny clown hat! [takes off Blue Nose's hat and rubs it in his face, turning the frown upside down]
Other performer: Hey, he's smiling! [slaps Blue Nose]
Strongman: [slaps him] What's so funny?
Other performer: You rat! [slaps him]
Strongman: [slaps him] You creep! What's the big joke?
[Suddenly, dawn breaks, and a ray of sunlight hits Blue Nose. He twitches, then starts moving backwards into the tent, through the arena, and back through the audience.]
Audience: [gasps and murmurs]
[Blue Nose passes his chest of supplies, Goralina's cage, the ringmaster's trailer, the circus arena again, his trailer, and the circus entrance. On his way back, he spots Goralina hugging a squirrel. He leaves the forest, goes back under the horse, over a hill, into the Tree Fort, past the kitchen table and couch, and up the stairs. When the tail reaches Jake, he flips and wakes up. He reaches behind him and finds Blue Nose's tiny hat, which he tosses aside. He reaches behind him again and gets Blue Nose's makeup on his hand, which he sniffs and licks. Finn, watching this, sets down his drink.]
BMO: [laughs]
Neptr: Ha ha! Neat!
[They turn to look at Blue Nose's hat, and the episode ends.]