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There are a lot of running gags in Adventure Time. This is a list of some of them.


Often in stead of swearing or exclamations in general, the word "math" in different forms is used as a replacement, often said by Finn or Jake, although there are other characters that have said it as well. Shouting "Mathematical!" is one of the more heard examples of this. This was first seen in the episode "Slumber Party Panic".

Waving Snail



Princess Bubblegum rejecting Finn for being 'too young'[]

Stealing Princesses[]

The Ice King stealing (kidnapping) princesses and imprisoning them to try to make them become his wife, because none of them will willingly marry him.


Characters in Adventure Time tend to mispronounce the word "Banana" (unless it's someone's name, such as Banana Man), so when trying to say e.g. "That's bananas!", the characters usually end up saying something like e.g. "That's baneynays!".

Marceline referring to Princess Bubblegum by her first name, Bonnibel[]

"I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man!"[]

In the episode Memory of a Memory, a memory of Finn as a baby is showed, dancing in the mirror wearing only a diaper and his hat while singing "Puncha yo Buns". This clip is shown and referred to multiple times throughout the show, as in Finn's mind in Goliad.

Finn's beautiful hair, and it being cut[]

BMO's weird side[]

Jake always wishing for a sandwich[]

Whenever Jake has the possibility to do, and/or get anything, he only ever wants a sandwich. This is shown for example in "The Limit".

Princess Bubblegum speaking German[]

Finn's screams[]

Ice King wanting to be Finn's best friend[]

Marceline's daddy issues[]

Jake's criminal past[]