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|image = [[File:5327124325 c37e08dac4 z.jpg|200px]]|type = Pathway|location = Over [[Cotton Candy Forest]],[[Desert of Doom]], [[Bad Lands]]|notable inhabitants = [[Royal Tart Path Guards]]}}
The Royal Tart Path is a really safe and well-protected path for the sole purpose of delivering [[Royal Tarts]] to the [[Back-Rubbing Ceremony]]. The path starts in the [[Tartorium]], is suspended over the [[Cotton Candy Forest]] and the [[Desert of Doom]], and ends at the [[Royal Congressional Hall]] in the [[Bad Lands]], where the ceremony is held. The path has been used by [[Cinnamon Bun]] and the [[Royal Tart Toter]], but Finn and Jake decided to take a dangerous path while toting tarts. The only inhabitants are the [[Royal Tart Path Guards]]. The path is basically a tube held up by supports. The floor has tiles of many colors, the walls and ceiling are clear, and the supports are white. There are purple lampposts every few yards.
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mapofooo4423.JPG|The path on Princess Bubblegum's hologram map
5330182685_346362f239_z.jpg|A lamppost
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