Royal Ruckus is an online game on the Cartoon Network website. The player can choose to play as Lumpy Space Princess or as Marceline after crashing Princess Day.


As you play as LSP or Marceline, you will be shown a dungeon map. The end of each dungeon has a boss. As you play, enemies will come out of each door on the walls. As you defeat the enemies, you will find power ups that help you through the game. 

Boost Items

Heart - Boosts Life

Shield with purple (LSP) - Shields Lumpy Space Princess

Rainbow (LSP) - Enables Lumpy Space Princess to barf rainbows at enemies

Three Purple (LSP) - Shoots three of Lumpy Space Princess' weapons at once

Lipstick (LSP) - Shoots kisses at enemies

Red with blue (LSP) - Shoots lasers at enemies

Shield with bat (Marci) - Shields Marceline

Giant Speaker (Marci) - Shoots a giant sound boost 

Three Speakers (Marci) - Shoots three sound boosts in a direction

Bat (Marci) - Enables Marceline to shoot bats at enemies

Bat Face (Marci) - Makes Marceline a bat and enables her to shoot fire at enemies

Evil Face (Both) - Kills all enemies in room 

Yellow Potion with Lightning Bolt (Both) - Speeds character up

Green Potion with Shield (Both) - Shields character for a short time


  • Creature with axe - follows character's every move
  • Green Square Blob - goes to a corner and to the left/right then explodes
  • Boulder throwing creature - follows character and throws boulders
  • Fiery Eyeball - has a shield, follows character (shoot at it to remove its shield)
  • Demon Cat - tries to scratch character, pounces and tries to drop on you
  • Slime Knights - follows character
  • Tanks - gun follows character
  • Slime Tank (Blargetha) - gun follows character, shoots missiles (targets show where missiles will land)
  • Gingerbread Men - follow character, stomp when close to
  • Ice Cream Creature - shoots cherries at character
  • Replicant - stands in center and shoots laters, swoops, causes rocks to call from sky


  • Approximate Beatdown - Defeat the Demon Cat (100 Points)
  • Taste The Rainbow - Vomit rainbows 10 times (150 Points)
  • Let's Rage - Beat the game on Hard Mode (200 Points)
  • Huge Money - Clear a Treasure Room (100 Points)
  • Done & Dungeon - Beat the game as Marceline (150 Points)
  • Dungeon Master - Mystery Badge: Clear 40 Rooms in a Dungeon (200 Points)


  • Royal Ruckus is a clone of Smash TV, a popular early 90s arcade game.
  • The badge "Taste The Rainbow" is a reference to Skittles' slogan.



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