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Roselinen[1] is a Pillow Person who appears in "Puhoy." She is the daughter of Quilton, the mayor of Pillow World. Roselinen and Finn met at the celebration of the Blanket Dragon's death. She and Finn later got married and had two children: Jay & Bonnie.


Despite being a pillow, Roselinen has a human-like appearance. She has peach-colored skin, a round face, waist-length blonde hair, and black dots for eyes. She wears an orange, floral dress for most of her appearance (unlike Jay or Bonnie). She has large lips but a small mouth, and is slightly shorter than Finn. When she and Finn are married, Roselinen wears her blonde hair in a bun with two strands framing her face. In her middle-age, her features are paler and her hair is now in two ponytails, framing her face. When Finn is on his deathbed, Roselinen's hair is white, and she wears a red dress with light-orange ropes around her collar and sleeves. Her face is now even paler and has more wrinkles.



Roselinen and Finn met and became friends, then later in the episode, it is revealed that Roselinen and Finn were married and had two children named Jay and Bonnie.

Jay and Bonnie[]

Jay and Bonnie are the children of Finn and Roselinen. They resemble Roselinen very much.


Quilton, who is also mayor of the pillow world, is Roselinen's father.


  • Her name is a pun on the name "Roslyn" and the fabric "linen."
  • Finn named their children after Jake and Bonnibel Bubblegum.
  • She is always seen wearing an orange floral dress and a gray shawl.
  • Roselinen was the tallest of the Pillow People until Jay and Bonnie were born.