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Rodents are a type of mammal in Adventure Time. They consist of many different variants, including chipmunks, rats, mice, and squirrels.

List of minor rodents[]

Image Name Basic Description
Forest Inhabitant Chipmunks The Forest Inhabitant Chipmunks are a handful of squirrels that appear among other forest inhabitants in the episode, "Storytelling."

Tree Chipmunk

This chipmunk made its debut in the episode "Up a Tree" as a member of the tree cult.
Heil Chipmunk King
Chipmunk Followers The Chipmunk Followers are chipmunks that wear candles on their heads and worship the Flame King as their "Squirrel King" in the episode, "Bun Bun."
S10e2 BMO startling the next customer
Customer Chipmunk The Customer Chipmunk is a squirrel that was seen carrying two nuts in the episode, "Always BMO Closing." They were one of BMO's potential customers that he tried to sell to.
Poke Chipmunk The Poke Chipmunk is a chipmunk that was poked by Finn and Jake because they wanted to be good boys in the episode, "Five More Short Graybles."
Chipmunks Rapping
Backup Singer Chipmunks The Backup Singer Chipmunks were a pair of chipmunks that helped Rapper Chipmunk rap in the episode, "Son of Rap Bear."
Rat in the Opening
Opening Mice The Opening Mice are two mice that appear during the Opening Title Sequence.
S1E10 Rat
Idea Rat The Idea Rat appeared in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." He helped give Finn the idea to have the Marauders wear animals for armor.
Rat Pile
Jake's Rats Jake's Rats are rats that covered Jake after he laid down in garbage in the episode, "Freak City."
Thief Rat
Stolen From Rat The Stolen From Rat is a rat that had its cheese stolen from it in the City of Thieves in the episode, "City of Thieves."
Giant Mouse The Giant Mouse is a mouse that in the episode “Mystery Dungeon” who revealed a hidden passageway after smelling and stealing the pie that Tree Trunks had baked. Once he stole the pie he was knocked out by Earl of Lemongrab, who then proceeded to eat the chewed pie right out of the mouse’s mouth.
Mice Daughters The Mice Daughters are the three daughters of Mouse Knight. They were offered to Kent as an alternative to the sword part that he was seeking, but he denied them.
Mice Followers The Mice Followers were a group of Mice that served the Rat King.
Mouse Family The Mouse Family is a family of mice living in the Tree Fort. We first see them sleeping in different sized beds, then to be woken up by an alarm clock. Once they awaken, they all begin to rise out of bed individually to start the day. They appear in the episode "Shh!". They all vary in appearance, except for two of the brothers. The girl mice are the only mice that wear clothes. The Mouse Family seems very happy-go-lucky. They don't seem to need a sense of time, since the only symbols on their clock are a sun and a moon. Once the clock rang, it took no time at all for each mouse to calmly and carefully get out of bed one by one. Once they did, they immediately began working on their wheel, being turned by the Mother.
Squirrel Lover The Squirrel Lover is the partner of Goralina. They are seen hugging Goralina at the end of "Sad Face." It appears to be a red, generic, forest squirrel.
S6e26 Gold Stars model sheet (3)
Fat Squirrel The Fat Squirrel was a squirrel seen in the episode "Gold Stars". It was saved by Sweet P after it got its head stuck in a jar. It is also seen running across Sweet P's arm at the end of the episode.
Modelsheet squirrels
Forest Inhabitant Squirrels The Forest Inhabitant Squirrels are a pair of squirrels seen among other Forest inhabitants in the episode, "Storytelling." Finn disturbed them in their tree, asking if they were kissing, causing them to panic and run into each other.
Fire Element Rat
Fire Rat The Fire Rat is one of the many characters assimilated with the Fire-Element. They tell Jalapeño Pepper that his cooking stinks after he tried to smash them. They were on Jalapeño's head when they said this, and after they said it, they jumped off, and Jalapeño smacked himself with his own mallet. They appear to be a rat with features similar to all of the other Fire-Element assimilated characters. They have blue cracks all over their body and a blue flame over their head. Like all of the characters that were assimilated with the Fire-Element, they seems to crave battle and only care about them-self.

It is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

Candy Squirrel In the episode "Skyhooks II," it was revealed that one of the forest squirrels had been assimilated with the candy element, making the Candy Squirrel. This squirrel appeared to have a body made out of chocolate.
Screenshot 2017-03-06-10-40-08
Giant Caged Rat The Giant Caged Rat is a rat that appears in the Adventure Time: Islands episode, "Mysterious Island". Finn finds the giant rat trapped in a cage and attempts to save it, falling into a trap himself. He becomes angry at the rat because he realizes that it was bait.


  • Rats generally have gray or dark navy blue bodies with gray tails. In "Little Brother" their fur is white and they have pink tails.
  • Mice have a similar appearance to rats, except that their ears are larger and they do not have protruding front-teeth.
  • Squirrels are brown to red-brown and have bushy tails, curled at the end.


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