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Rock Wizard was a contestant of the Wizard Battle who first appeared in the episode, "Wizard Battle."


He looks somewhat like a small mountain. His arms are each made up of three rocks that levitate around him and are connected as one limb, the farthest rock on either side looks like a hand and wrist made of rock. The bottom of his body is flat with dirt hanging off. He moves by levitating.


Rock Wizard's spells and powers have something to do with rocks, except for the fact that he can levitate. He can disguise himself as a normal rock with most of his body underground. He can summon meteors; when he does this in the battle he says, "Come to me, meteor shower." Jake punched the Rock Wizard and he exploded into smaller rocks, but at the end of the episode he tripped Finn, which suggests he has the power to rebuild himself.


  • The fact that Rock Wizard was able to summon a shower of meteors through Grand Master Wizard's "sky barrier" is an inconsistency in the episode, unless the sky barrier is one-way.
  • Rock Wizard's power of Meteor Summoning is a fairly common fantasy trope.
  • he is a side character in the 2015 video game Finn and Jake Investigations.