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The Rock makes its only appearance in the episode "Wizard." It comes to life because of an "Awaken" spell that is cast at Jake by Finn in order to help save the Wizard Village from an impending meteor strike. Jake (while asleep) redirected Finn's spell toward the Rock, giving it eyes, a mouth, and life. Once the Rock gained consciousness it became frightened by the meteor headed for the Wizard Village. It also gained the ability to speak, which it used to express this fear.

The ability to give life to inanimate objects is probably a side effect from the "Awaken" spell, just as it is for the Cyclops tears.

In Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, the Rock is a recurring enemy introduced early in the Grasslands stage. It jumps to damage the player by 3 Hit Points and has 3 Health Points.


It looks like a brown rock with a face and no limbs. Its eyes are white with small black pupils, similar to Cake's.


Hey, I'm alive!

What's that up there?

(gasp) Oh no!