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Robots are mechanical beings that come in a variety of shapes and tend to serve specific purposes. They have advanced intellect and have the ability to operate on their own. They can be seen throughout the Land of Ooo. Other notable robots: The MOs.

Notable robots[]

Image Official Name Prod. No. Basic Description Other details
BMO MOs None MO series They are a series of robots created at MO Co. by Moe.
Gumball Guardian Gumball Guardians None Guardians built to defend the Candy Kingdom They are giant gumball machines with ice cream cone hats.
Iron Owl Iron Owls None Robot birds that attack Flambo They appear to have four iron wings, which they use to fly.
Neptr Neptr None Never Ending Pie-Throwing Robot He is made up of miniature tank treads, a microwave, a tuning fork, loose wires, a computer chip and a soup can. He appears to have been animated magically.
JJ JJ None Robot hobo, then Robot burglar He has a three-eyed screen face and hidden rocket boosters.
ScienceGuy6 Science Guys None Scientists They are all either computers or scrapped android fragments.
CGO render (without wires) GOs None GO series They are a series of robots built by Hugo.
Minerva Bots None Robotic Helpers They are a series of robots linked to the mind of Minerva Campbell, whom they are designed to resemble.