Ripped Lumpy is a Lumpy Space Person who attended the Weekly Promcoming Dance during the events of "Trouble in Lumpy Space." He accidentally knocked out Lumpy Finn while he was trying to run away from Jake, who was threatening to use the lumps antidote on Finn. Finn ran into him, knocking off his sunglasses, and was knocked unconscious by the impact.


Like most Lumpy Space people, he hovers a little way off the ground and somewhat resembles a lavender colored cloud. He has a very tall and muscular build, hence his name. He wears sunglasses and has an uneven scattering of abs all over his lower abdomen. He is seen dabbing his face with a napkin.


  • Even though the character has no spoken lines, he does grunt once. This grunt is credited to Keith Ferguson, who also plays Lenny and the Frog in the same episode.
  • In the original storyboards for "Trouble in Lumpy Space," Ripped Lumpy was going to be replaced with a character called Metal Suit Lumpy, who plays the exact same role in knocking out Finn.[1]



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