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Righteous Quest 2 is an Adventure Time themed platform game created for Cartoon Network's website. It is the sequel to Righteous Quest. This is the first Cartoon Network game to feature badges.

Area 1: The Candy Kingdom

In the first level, it is a peaceful, calm day in the Candy Kingdom then suddenly, Candy Zombies appear and Finn and Jake must hold them off while Princess Bubblegum makes the cure. During the first level, the player gets to fight the Candy Zombies. The zombies cannot be killed, since they are already dead. The only way for the player to destroy zombies is to become a wizard (in which cause the player may pummel them with his or her awesome wizard powers). There are two variations of the zombies: the "cream puff zombie," and the "lollipop zombie." If one can collect all five "Crystal Eye" diamonds, the player gets to unlock a level that takes place in Lumpy Space.

Area 2: Lumpy Space

If the player has succeeded in collecting all five giant diamonds, one unlocks a level that takes place in Lumpy Space. The level is focused on rescuing Hot Dog Princess. In this level, levers are introduced. Sometimes, there is a big red lever which the player can hit to make doors open or clouds appear which the player can ride or jump on. However, the lever is timed and once the time is up, the clouds go away and the door is closed again. From time to time, when the player is getting close to rescuing the princess, he or she has to jump on big, orange gumdrops to get to Hot Dog Princess. As soon as one completes the level, snowball weapons are replaced by swords. These can be used to hack through bunches of thorns that block certain areas.

Area 3: Obstacle Course

After Finn has lost all his power rings, he and Jake go retrace their steps to the Gauntlet dock. The dock is full of traps and Battle Cubes. The player can also ride on clouds that can get him or her to higher areas. If one has not reached the Lumpy Space level, it is still possible to collect all the rings. There are ten rings of power in all, and sometimes they must be reached by way of portals.

Area 4: The Ice Kingdom

If the player has collected all the rings, he or she can go to the Ice Kingdom, where one can fight the same enemies in the first game, (excluding Ice King) and climb the highest peak in the kingdom. After the player completes the level, he or she becomes the "ultimate wizard." With the "ultimate wizard" power, one has the ability to break Dark Crystals and kill enemies by running through them for a limited time.

Area 5: Ninja Passage

When Finn and Jake are having a party in a nearby cave, Marceline barges in and takes Jake's viola, and sends her evil army of ninjas to kill Finn and Jake. There are twenty ninjas that the player must defeat. If one succeeds in killing all ninjas, one will earn a badge. (The player can earn badges throughout the game.) The player must also avoid falling rocks and traps hidden in the cave.

Area 6: Marceline's Chamber

Marceline is the final boss and must be defeated to win the game. Her attacks consist of amplifier sound waves which cause the player to lose health if hit. The player must also dodge boulders and flying rocks that appear during the fight. After more than half of her health gets depleted, Marceline will take on her giant bat form and use melee attacks. Once defeated, Marceline reveals that she was only fooling around and throws a cave party.

Game Over Screen

The game over screen is similar to the first one, the only differences is that the game over screen is closer up, a bit more low quality than the first one, Finn and Jake's outline is thinner, Finn's footies are also enlarged, and the game over music is different. The difference in the game over music from the two games is that the first one had several guitar notes, and this one only had one faint Hawaiian note.



  • Gems = Collect to gain 100 points.
  • Crystal Eye = Collect five to unlock the portal to Lumpy Space.
  • Power Rings = Collect 10 to gain entry to the Ice Kingdom.
  • Gumdrops = Bounce you higher.
  • Clouds = Moving platforms which move players about.
  • Levers = These are timed, the player must not dillydally.
  • Portals = Portals transport the player to secret areas in the levels.
  • Sword = Once obtained, these replace the snowballs.
  • Vorpal Blade = These fill up your Ultimate Wizard bar to 100%.