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Rhythm Heroes is an Adventure Time video game released on Cartoon Network websites, developed by Purple Tree Studio. This is a rhythm game in which the player must press a button in a certain pattern to make the rhythm. There are four levels, but the last level can only be unlocked by beating levels one, two, and three as both Finn and Jake. All levels have the same names as an episode. A mobile version of this game has been released for iOS and Android under the name Rockstars of Ooo.



Level 1[]

In Level 1, (Belly of the Beast) the player must make Finn or Jake sing by pressing the "Z" key. You must sing the pattern the Bears and Party Pat make.

Level 2[]

In Level 2, (Guardians of Sunshine) the player must win by hitting enemies pressing "Z" and jumping bees by pressing"X."

Level 3[]

In Level 3, (Henchman) the player must help Finn or Jake (in zombie form, along with two other Candy Zombies) clap a certain number of times by pressing the "Z" key, according to the signal Marceline gives.

Level 4[]

In Level 4, (The Chamber of Frozen Blades) the player must help Finn and Jake defeat the Ice King by pressing the "Z" key to make Jake block Candy People with Freezer Burn Flu, and press the "X" key to make Finn return an ice bomb to damage the Ice King.


  • Zombie Finn and Jake make a cameo in Level 3.
  • If you mess up in Level 1 and Level 3, the bears or Candy Zombies will give Finn or Jake a cold stare.
  • In Level 2, there are different types of enemies. The turquoise Hunny Bunny will hop twice and slowly fall after jumping instead of hopping three times like the normal one. The orange Hunny Bunny appears in the bonus round, so this enemy goes faster than the normal Hunny Bunny. The orange Bouncy Bee will appear, then dart towards the player, while the green one will wait for another one to join it, then attacks the player.
  • In Level 3, in front of Finn or Jake, there is a grave with Finn's name on it.
  • In Level 2, after punching a Hunny Bunny, if you look closely, you will see it fall in the background.
  • Some young players may be scared by the close-up of Zombie Finn in Level 3.
  • There is sometimes a glitch in Level 4, wherein when Finn blocks an ice bomb to the Ice King, this causes him to be stationary in place, not showing himself summoning Candy People or ice bombs. This can be fixed if Finn again blocks another ice bomb towards the villain.
  • Every level follows a beat.
  • In Level 2, when you're almost finishing the song, Bouncy Bee appears three through twelve seconds after the last enemy.
  • In Level 2, Finn and Jake aren't actually moving-the ground is.

Cultural references[]

  • This game is a bit similar to the Nintendo DS title Rhythm Heaven. The first level is similar to the minigame "Glee Club", the second level is similar to "Karate Man", the third level is similar to "Fan Club", "Tap Troupe", or "Clappy Trio", and the fourth level is similar to "Shoot 'Em Up". 
  • The music in the Belly of the Beast level strongly resembles the introduction to Legal Tender, a song by new wave group The B-52s.
  • In the credits, a poster depicting the Ben 10 alien Upgrade and statues of Mac and Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends are seen.


Title Screens[]


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