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Remi only appears in the Marcy’s Scrapbook section of the Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook book. His first appearance is in his werewolf form alongside his sister, Rosella, as young Marceline watches them from behind a bush. He calls himself a Tasmanian Werewolf, also known as Thylacine, and is a part of a nomadic tribe of other Thylacine werewolves that isn’t specifically named. It is assumed they are family, as Marceline refers to Remi’s tribe as, “the werewolf family”. Both Remi and his tribe are magically inclined, and are able to do it when gathered in large groups.

Marceline joins Remi and his sister’s small travelling duo, and after a few days, tells them about her situation. Remi and his sister seem understanding, and vow to help Marceline summon her father, Hunson Abadeer. When they do, however, both Remi and Rosella immediately get their souls sucked by Hunson, marking the end of Remi.[1]

Physical Appearance[]

Remi in his wolf form appears to look exactly like an average wolf, maybe with stripes on his back, much like the real-life Thylacine. Judging by this fact, the fur of Remi’s wolf form could be a light fawn to dark brown-ish colour, with a cream-coloured belly, and black stripes on his back.

Remi’s human form, however, seems to be of about average build with what could be a light-coloured, faux hawk haircut.

Personality and Traits[]

Remi is the more outgoing and talkative sibling, which contrasts his more quiet, reserved sister, Rosella. He seems to be proud of his heritage, and is the one who explains to Marceline the history and struggle of his people.

Marceline notes in her scrapbook how Remi has a, “kind of lisp that makes him fun to listen to.”[1]


Official art[]