"Remembering Memories" is a song Marceline sings to Ice King in the episode "The Empress Eyes." She tells Ice King what she had went through after he had abandoned her.


How my life was without you
I though my life was through
I could barely stay on my feet
And I couldn't find much to eat
Ever so often I make a sad tone
Because I felt so so alone
I miss you by my side
I was so lost without you as my guide
Then one day I though I saw you from far away
But it wasn't you when you turned around to say
"Hello," a little girl turning up to him
Also to his wife
The day was getting dim
I wanted to get close and to talk to the couple
Then I saw a vampire
About to cause some trouble
I destroyed the vampire enemy
But I scared away the family
Mem... Mem... Memories...
Mem Mem Memories...
Mem Mem Memories...
Mem Mem

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