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This is a list of references to Adventure Time as well as its characters in other media. For appearances in official Cartoon Network video games, see Category:Real world games.

MAD Magazine[]


Mad Issue #520

The five-hundred & twentieth issue of MAD Magazine has multiple features parodying Adventure Time. The first of which is the issue's cover that depicts Finn as Alfred E. Neuman, while some of the show's major characters (such as Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMOLady Rainicorn, and Snail) are shocked and dismayed by this revelation.

Later in the magazine is an article titled The 50 Worst Things About Cartoons. Number One on the list is the fact that Adventure Time is bizarre and trippy. An image headlining the article features many characters from the show rendered in an abstract style, as a viewer goes insane in the center.

The final Adventure Time-themed feature is a game called MAD'S Do-It-Yourself Adventure Time Episode. This template has been used in previous MAD issues that featured subjects such as Twilight and Batman. The reader must pick one box from each category to make a nonsensical Adventure Time plot.

This, however, is not the first time Adventure Time appeared on MAD Magazine.


Marceline taking one of her fangs out of her mouth.

In issue five-hundred & eighteen (Twilight Spoof) on page 19, on the top right corner after the man made a bubble saying "...but THAT lady gives me the creeps!" one can see Marceline taking one of her fangs out of her mouth.

Gaia Online[]


Adventure Time has come to Gaia!

The online forum and game site Gaia Online teamed up with Adventure Time creators to create virtual items. First, a chance item (CI) called "Adventure Time & The Quest for Knowing" will lead the Gaia player on a quest with Finn and Jake, which will lead to exclusive items themed around Adventure Time characters. There are three deluxe items that re-imagine Adventure Time characters in Gaia style: Sugar Royalty, Mathematical Knight and Vampire Sound. The game also introduced an Adventure Time forum and live hangout, plus an interview with the show's creator, Pendleton Ward, which occurred at 6pm PT on March 22, 2012. Also, one of the owners of the "Factori" as of October is dressed as BMO.


Jimmy Kimmel Live[]

Clips from Adventure Time have appeared multiple times on Jimmy Kimmel's "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" segment. The appearances have been appreciated or at least noticed by Pen Ward, as evidenced by this Twitter post.[citation needed]

South Park[]

Reference to AT in South Park

In the South Park episode "A Nightmare on Face Time," in one scene a trick-or-treater dressed as Finn can be seen in the background.


MAD is a Cartoon Network television series which has featured Adventure Time on occasion.

"Malcolm in the Middle Earth"[]


In the episode "Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth" which aired on February 7, 2011, Finn and Jake appear as contestants in the science fair in "Malcolm in the Middle Earth." However, the colors of Finn's shirt, shorts, and backpack get mixed up. Instead of being blue, Finn's shirt and shorts are green (the shorts are a darker green, similar to the lower half of Finn's real backpack), and his backpack is blue. His hat is pointier, like a cat's ears, and his socks aren't rolled down. His body also looks rounder than in the original version. Jake also appears lighter in this version (more yellow than orange). Jake also has whitened circles inside his eyes, when originally the circles are bigger. His tail also has a pointy end in the original, but in the MAD version it is more rounded at the end. His jowls appear to be slightly longer.

"Avenger Time"[]

"Avenger Time" is a parody of Adventure Time and is a crossover on the show and Marvel comics. It aired on May 30, 2011, along with the sketch "TwiGH School Musical."

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk have defeated the Red Skull and got the Cosmic Cube away from him. When Iron Man warns that the Cosmic Cube can be dangerous, Captain America says that he wants everything to be simpler again, and suddenly, the Avengers are in sixties animation, much to their dismay. Iron Man then takes the Cosmic Cube and says that he wants to get back home, but also mentions "short and sweet." Soon, the Avengers appear in "Super Hero Squad," and the Hulk takes the Cosmic Cube to get home, but mentions the word "time." The Avengers now appear in "Adventure Time" animation.

Thor's hammer is now a lollipop and Hulk has turned into a dog. Hulk suddenly develops long legs and runs away with joy of his new power, much to the others' dismay. Suddenly, they are attacked by a giant waffle monster, and Iron Man tries to stop it, but learns that he can only shoot rainbows and glitter, so they run away. They try to start looking for Hulk so they can return home with the Cosmic Cube, but are suddenly warned by a gnome that the Ice King is coming. They confuse Ice King for help and they are suddenly approached by him, who asks if they have Princess Bubblegum. When they respond no, Ice King freezes Captain America in a block of ice, which Iron Man criticizes on.

In his mind, Captain America meets the Watcher on the moon and the Watcher tells him that they are in the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and that they must return to their own time, otherwise they will be stuck there forever. This is referring to the animated short when Finn's mind is transported back in time and to Mars with Abraham Lincoln. They then discuss the possible success of MAD before Captain America busts out of his iceberg and finds Iron Man and Thor playing a card game. Suddenly, Hulk comes back and says that he was with Princess Bubblegum but wants to go home as their new relationship is "complicated." At the mere mention of the word "home," the Avengers return to their own time and animation. They vow to never speak of Adventure Time again, but are dismayed that Hulk has brought Finn and Jake with them, and they now appear as a super-powered Batman and the Thing.


Finn and Jake in Marvel

Avengers characters[]


Avenger Time logo

  • Captain America (as Finn)
  • Iron Man (as LSP or BMO)
  • The Incredible Hulk (as Jake)
  • Thor (as the leader Marauder)
  • The Watcher (as Abraham Lincoln)

Adventure Time characters[]

"The Mixed Martial Artist"[]

In the episode "The Mixed Martial Artist / Aquaman vs. Wild" which aired on July 30, 2012, Jake picks a fight with Uggie after he claims to be the only talking dog around, but Uggie tears Jake to shreds. Also, Finn makes a cameo in the background, cheering for Jake.

"MADvent Calendar"[]

In the episode "The Blunder Games / The Poop-seidon Adventure" which aired on August 6, 2012, Disney redesigns the seven dwarfs from Snow White, which they call 7D, but what the rest of the world calls Adventure Time.

"The Land Before Adventure Time"[]

In the episode "The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler / Regular Shogun Warriors" which aired on January 28, 2013, there is a short that involves a cross-over of Adventure Time and The Land Before Time. In the short, Finn and Jake appear being attacked by a T-rex and pterodactyl. In the background, Ice King can be seen dragging Princess Bubblegum to the Ice Kingdom; both are dressed as cavepeople.

"1600 Finn"[]

In the episode "Papa / 1600 Finn" which aired on May 13, 2013, Finn and Jake move into the White House because that's where Finn's dad, President Dale Gilcrest, lives. Dale apparently sent Finn to make him grow up, but he doesn't want him beating up wizards and kissing hot fire ladies so he brought Finn back. Dale tells Finn to keep out of trouble while someone comes over for a meeting. However, the 'someone' is the Ice King, so, naturally, Finn attacks. Dale tells Finn it's OK. Later, the Ice King is speaking about freezing the whole world, so Finn starts attacking again until Dale explains that's the plan to stop Global Warming. Finn goes out of the White House and sits, facing away, saying that maybe the Ice King actually is a good guy. Behind Finn, we see the Ice King freeze Dale, then kicks the White House. Jake tells Finn that, but Finn says that it's probably all part of the plan. An alien ship lowers itself over the White House and blasts it to bits. Jake tells Finn this too, to which Finn says 'Shmowzow!' Then he says it's still part of the plan.


Avenger time

The Avenger Time T-shirt

  • There is actually an Avenger Time T-shirt that was posted on the Adventure Time blogs. However, Jake is Iron Man instead of Hulk. This may have been inspiration for the episode.
  • When in the Adventure Time dimension, Captain America resembled Finn and Hulk represented Jake. Captain America also had Finn's misshaped teeth and Hulk got Jake's stretching powers. Iron Man also seemed to resemble BMO and Thor resembled the leader Marauder.
  • When Ice King freezes Captain America in a block of ice, Iron Man remarks sarcastically that he cannot stop getting frozen, a reference to when Captain America gets frozen in a block of ice during World War II and gets unfrozen during the 21st century.
  • The scene where Captain America meets the Watcher on the moon is a reference to the pilot episode, where Pen (now Finn in the series) meets Abraham Lincoln on Mars after the Ice King froze him.
  • In 1600 Finn, when the president is taking the oath of office, Ice Queen appears in the background.

Geometry Dash[]

As of update 2.1, Finn is an unlockable icon, obtained by going into the Vault of Secrets (the padlock icon in the top right of the creator menu screen, which costs 50 diamonds to unlock) and typing "Seven" into the text box.



Toonix is an interactive game on the Latin American Cartoon Network site where users can create characters that resemble Cartoon Network characters. In the game, there are Adventure Time costumes of characters from the show.

Within Toonix, users can play a game called "Copa Toon: Champions." They can pick out of four teams, one of which is the Adventure Time cast. In the game, you travel across the Land of Ooo playing soccer with different characters in the show. Sometimes you go on quests with different characters. The soccer game consists of the two opponents picking a card with a soccer move on it. Some cards are Adventure Time related, such as Finn's Hair, Forest Wildfire, and Karaoke Time. After you defeat the Ice King in a game of soccer you collect a part of the shield with a Finn hat on it representing Adventure Time. You can go to other shows' universes such as The Amazing World of Gumball, Generator Rex, and Ben 10. When you complete the shield you have won the game.

Regular Show[]

IceKing RS2

The Ice King in Regular Show.

In the Regular Show episode "See You There," there is a character at the party dressed similar to the Ice King.


In the episode "Belson's Sleepover," Jake appears in Belson's bookshelf.

In the episode "Where the Wild Chads Are," a parody of the theme song plays on a TV.


Adventure Time cameo in Clarence

In the episode "Ren Faire," a woman is shown to wear a Princess Bubblegum costume.

In the Clarence short "Claw Machine," there is a Finn plush in the claw machine.


The lemon biome in the Mobile app Worldbox is described as being an "acceptable biome." This is obviously a Lemongrab reference.


Gemibears Reference

Adventure Time reference in iOS game 'Gemibears'

In the background for the iOS app Gemibears, a book on the shelf in the background has the Adventure Time logo on it.


  • Tyler, the Creator referenced the show in his 2011 song "Yonkers," with the lyrics, "I went home and watched Adventure Time." He also references the show in the song "She" later in the album, with the lyrics, "we can begin the pretend game, I wanna be Finn from Adventure Time."
  • Thrash/power metal band Sonic Pulse's 2012 album, Lager Than Life, features the song "Adventure Time" which is a cover of the theme song. [1]
  • Dance artist S3RL (feat. Yuki Suzuki) released a song in 2013 titled "Princess Bubblegum" along with fanart that shows a swimsuit-clad Princess Bubblegum. [2]
  • Chiptune artist Kubbi's 2013 album, Gas Powered EP, though completely instrumental, was declared by the band to be inspired by both Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. [3]
  • The cover art for rapper 6ix9ine's 2018 mixtape, Day69, has the Candy Kingdom in the background. The cover artist, Matteo Rainini, was accused by Tumblr user "cryptidsp00n" of tracing over their own artwork of Flame Princess. [4]
  • Willow Smith's 2015 debut album, Ardipithecus, has two songs titled "Marceline" and "Marceline PT. 2", which are odes to the aforementioned character. [5][6]

Xbox Live Marketplace[]

In the days of the Xbox 360, Xbox Live users could purchase clothing for their virtual avatar with Microsoft points in the Xbox Live Marketplace. In 2012, an Adventure Time collection was released, featuring 30 different pieces of Adventure Time paraphernalia, such as Ice King's crown and Marceline's axe bass. The prices for these items ranged from 80 to 320 Microsoft points. ($1 - $4)[2]


Battle for Dream Island[]


A crudely-drawn Finn appeared as a recommended character in the episode "Don't Pierce My Flesh" in the background with many other recommended characters when Leafy, Flower, Firey, and Bubble were running. However, he possibly died in the same episode when the volcano erupted, along with the other recommended characters. His recommender is lavaboyoh.

Red vs. Blue[]

The web series made a reference to Adventure Time in season 13, when Sarge calls Donut, Princess Bubblegum due to his pink armor and girly personality.


AT in Futurama

In the episode "Leela and the Genestalk," while Leela, Fry and Bender attempt to escape from Mom's dungeon, they run down a staircase (Bender takes a railchair down), where Bender sees both Finn and Jake handcuffed against a wall. Jake sees Bender and asks, "What time is it?" (Finn and Jake's signature quote) and Bender replies with "Time for you to shut up!" Bender is voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voices Jake.


Adventuring Time

Adventuring Time Minecraft Achievement

In the game, there is an achievement / advancement referencing the show, called "Adventuring Time!", which is obtained by discovering all of the game's different biomes.

On May 30, 2017, Mojang released the Adventure Time Mashup Pack, which featured a recreation of the Land of Ooo as a playable map, as well as a texture pack to go with it, and skins of characters from the show that the player can wear. For the mashup pack world, the game's original background music is replaced with instrumentals of songs from the show, such as I'm Just Your Problem and Super Adventure Land.

In July of that same year, the Minecraft-Adventure Time crossover episode Diamonds and Lemons aired.

League of Legends[]

The character Jinx's dance animation is a direct reference to the dance Jake teaches the dancing bug in Power Animal.

The League of legends skin "Galaxy Slayer Zed" Says a quote from The Lich in the episode "Gold Stars" when he says: "Before there was time, Before there was anything, there was nothing and before there was nothing there were monsters" and the "Galaxy Slayer Zed" skins quote is: "Before us, there was nothing. before there was nothing there were monsters." 



In Skullgirls, a 2D fighting game, the character Filia has a color pallet that resembles Fionna.

The Simpsons[]

AT in Simpsons

In the episode "Treehouse of Horror XXV," during the final story after two families learn to coexist, there are many Simpson's family spoofs, including South Park, Despicable Me minions, various animes, LEGO and Adventure Time: Homer is dressed as Ice King, Marge as Princess Bubblegum, Bart as Finn, Maggie and Lisa as Fionna, and Santa's Little Helper as Jake.

In the season 28 premiere, "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus," the couch gag parodies the opening to Adventure Time with the title being Simpsons Time and with Bart as Finn and Homer as Jake. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, who sang the show's theme song, sings the parody version of the theme song for the couch gag too.


On December 3rd, 2014's broadcast of Kids Week Jeopardy, Adventure Time was the answer to a question in the category "See TV."

We Bare Bears[]


In the episode "My Clique," a clip from "The Enchiridion!" is seen playing on the TV in Chloe's home. Chloe's mother is voiced by Niki Yang, former storyboard artist for the series and the voices of Lady Rainicorn and BMO.

In the episode "Charlie's Halloween Thing 2," the bears temporarily transform into Finn, Jake, and Ice King: Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny reprising his role) remarks "Ice King in wrong show!".

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes[]


In the special episode "Crossover Nexus," Jake can be seen in the background inside of a building as one of Red Strike's victims. Jake appears again in the episode when Ben accidentally turns into him due to his Omnitrix being reconfigured by Strike's powers. Near the end of the episode, Ben turns into many characters from other Cartoon Network shows. He turns into Finn as his final form.



In the movie "Deadpool," the titular character is seen wearing an Adventure Time watch, featuring Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum.

Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure[]

Near the end of the story mode version of the game Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure, when Björn and Jerome are in the devil's hell trying to save Heidi Starbrow and her partner, the coach takes the second true form of the Mega Coach that looks similar to the Ice King after his first true form of an Evil Coach.

Uncle Grandpa[]

UG as Finn

Finn, Jake, Gunter, and Princess Bubblegum appear in the audience in the Grampie Awards segment in the episode, "Pizza Eve."

LEGO Dimensions[]

Main article: LEGO Dimensions

In 2016, three Lego Dimensions Adventure Time sets were made.


Pooch Cafe[]

In the November 2, 2016 comic strip, Poncho is trying to create a meme which is cats described in three fictional characters. One of them is Slime Princess.

Steven Universe[]

In the episode, "Sadie's Song," in the pile of Sadie's stuffed animals, one of them bears a striking resemblance to Gunter.

In the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover episode, "Say Uncle," Finn's name is on Uncle Grandpa's checklist.


In the Latin American Cartoon Network show Villainous, the main character Black Hat premieres his villains review show, Villains for Villains, in which he reviews villains from other Cartoon Network shows. In The Lost Cases of Ooo, Black Hat reviews Earl of Lemongrab and finds him to be a pathetic villain due to his appearance, whiny personality, and failure to defeat Finn and Princess Bubblegum. Eventually, Black Hat considers Princess Bubblegum more of a villain than Lemongrab.


In the December 3, 2017 comic strip, Jake is seen with the crowd of notable cartoon dogs at a Dog-A-Palooza concert.

Neurotically Yours[]

In the 2014 Halloween Chibisode special Charlie Browned, Germaine is dressed as Fionna. There are also figurines of the aforementioned character, Cake, Ice King, and Lemongrab in the background

The Flash[]

Cisco Shirt

In the episode "Plastique," Cisco Ramon wears an Adventure Time shirt depicting pixel art of the main cast.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart[]


Mao Mao Finn

In the episode "Popularity Conquest" while Mao Mao is trying to become more liked by the kingdom his friends have him try on several outfits, including this one similar to Finns, when it shows him wearing it, King Snugglemagne says "Thats's over".

Immortals Fenyx Rising[]


Immortals Fenyx Rising Crossover

Adventure Time Comes to this game in an interesting way... in the form of DLC. Featuring the Nightmarish, Finn Character?, A Lady Rainicorn Mount?, and a Jake Bird Companion/Pet? Video of the advertisement for this all this: Immortals_Fenyx_Rising_-_Adventure_Time_Crossover_Trailer


Adventure Time Brawlhalla

Adventure Time has made an appearance in the relatively popular fighting game, Brawlhalla. Three characters from the show are in the game: Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum. They are skins in the game for base characters, and they cost money to use. As well as skins, there is an Adventure Time themed map and K.O. effect.


In Transformice, Princess Bubblegum's crown appears in the shop. There is also a BMO large box skin, Finn's flute long plank, Fionna's crystal sword short and long planks and a Lumpy Space Princess anvil skin in the shop.

Screenshot 20230831 090451 YouTube

My ID is Gangnam Beauty[]

In Episode 3, when after Chan-woo leaves the office after his conversation with Woo-young, a Jake plush can be seen on Woo-young's desk.


Tree fort MVS

The "Tree Fort" map in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a platform fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, initially released as an open beta in 2022. It was officially released in 2024, and features Finn, Jake, and a Banana Guard as playable characters. Fern, Cake, Female Banana Guard and Jake's shapeshifter alien form from Jake the Starchild are also in the game, but as skins for their respective counterparts. The tree house is one of the maps in the game, and has a night time variant too.