The reconditioning chamber is a room in Castle Lemongrab in which the Earl of Lemongrab administers punishment to lawbreakers in his earldom, and attempts to "recondition" the ne'er-do-wells into acceptable citizens. It makes its first appearance in the episode "You Made Me." According to storyboard supervisor Ian Jones-Quartey, Lemongrab built this room himself.[1]


The reconditioning chamber is a small room, resembling a recording studio, with dark yellow-green walls and an electrical floor. The voltage in the floor is controlled by levers and buttons on a table outside of the chamber. The control panel is operated by Lemongrab, and he cranks up the lever to administer "juice" to the floor of the chamber, which painfully shocks the criminals in a blinding flash of blue light. The reconditioning chamber is accessible through an automatic door and is covered with a thin glass window.

List of known victims


  • Outside of the chamber, on the wall near the chamber's control console, there is what appears to be a dispenser of sanitizing hand soap. This alludes to Lemongrab's obsessive neat-freak tendencies.
  • This actually exists as a level in Bloons Adventure Time TD, known as "Reconditioning Chamber".


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