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Rebecca Sugar is an artist, composer, and director who is best known for their TV series Steven Universe and its epilogue series Steven Universe Future, as well as their award-winning animated short "Singles," their graphic novel "Pug Davis" and their work on Adventure Time.

They were nominated for both an Annie Award and an Emmy Award for their work as a writer and storyboard artist, partnered with Adam Muto in Adventure Time seasons two and three. They were also nominated for an Annie Award for their storyboard work with Cole Sanchez in seasons four and five. Rebecca has the distinction of being in the 2012 Forbes List of "30 Under 30 in Hollywood."

Departure from the show and subsequent involvement[]

They are the creator of Steven Universe, a television show Cartoon Network greenlit for production around 2012-2013, making them the first nonbinary cartoon creator in the network's history.[2] Rebecca left Adventure Time to work on their new show, with their last episode being "Be More."

Temporary returns to Adventure Time[]

At NYCC 2015, during the Adventure Time panel, it was announced that Rebecca Sugar would return to Adventure Time for the "Stakes" miniseries, writing the song "Everything Stays" and playing the role of Elise.

At SDCC 2018, Sugar took part in the Adventure Time panel, where it was announced that she had written the song "Time Adventure" for the Adventure Time finale "Come Along With Me".

At the 2024 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, it was announced that Sugar will be involved in working on The Adventure Time Movie with Patrick McHale and Adam Muto.

Episodes worked on[]

Written and Storyboarded by[]

Story by[]

  • "Be More" (with Kent Osborne, Pendleton Ward, Patrick McHale, Tom Herpich, and Steve Wolfhard)

Songs composed[]

Rebecca's art[]

See Art By Rebecca


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  1. Steven Universe's Rebecca Sugar on How She Expresses Her Identity Through the Non-binary Crystal Gems by Charles Pulliam-Moore in 2018: "Sugar opened up about how the process of creating Steven Universe ultimately played a large role in her deciding to come out as a nonbinary woman."