Reaper makes an appearance in "Wizard." In the episode, he offers Finn and Jake a chance to earn magical powers for free, but the evil catch is that they must stop a meteor from hitting the academy. Finn haggled with the Reaper, saying he wanted more than just free Wizard Powers, so Reaper snapped off his arm and made it into a keychain. At the end of the episode, he offers them a Demon heart. He may have been one of Bufo's minions. He is a lich, which is an undead creature usually associated with magic. He also appears in "Dungeon," where he challenges Jake to a duel with the classic "Choose Your Weapon" start.


Hey, kid. You want some magic powers? Magic powers for absolutely free.


Yes. Then the deal is struck!


You can pick up your powers right through there.


Hey, naked kid. You want some free... Demon heart?


Choose your dueling weapon!



  • In "Dungeon," one of his arms seems to pass through his robe.
  • His appearance seems to be based on the legend of the Grim Reaper; however, he seems to have no relation to the character Death.
  • He appears in the game FusionFall in the Eternal Vistas. He guards a portal that leads to a dungeon where you can find Finn and Stanley.


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