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Rattleballs is a gumball robot cavalier introduced in the eponymous episode "Rattleballs." He was designed hundreds of years ago by Princess Bubblegum to protect the Candy Kingdom. After Princess Bubblegum kills his fellow Gumball Guards for being too violent, he hides out in a junkyard. When Finn alerts Princess Bubblegum to Rattleballs' continued existence, she tells the Banana Guards she has killed him, but secretly reappoints him "Sir Rattleballs," charging him to protect the Candy Kingdom from the shadows. In "Jake the Brick," he is seen creating more Rattleballs Robots while listening to Jake's bunny story. In "Reboot," Rattleballs appears to be killed by Susan, where she shattered him into pieces, but he is later seen at the Candy Kingdom Hospital in "Do No Harm" where he has been put back together, evident by the various cracks throughout his body. In "Nemesis," he is mentioned by Colonel Candy Corn and Princess Bubblegum, and seen in Finn and Jake's bathtub competing with them on who can hold his breath the longest.


Rattleballs wears an off-white ragged cloak belted around the middle and has a red body shaped like a gumball machine turned upside-down with 10 gumballs inside. He has thin metallic arms and legs and carries a silver fencing sword with him at all times. He has squinty eyes that widen into pupil-less white circles when he is surprised.


Rattleballs was designed hundreds of years ago by Princess Bubblegum as a member of an elite robot cavalry division (who were created after the incompetent Banana Guard as another attempt at law enforcement). However, the gumball robots were programmed for violence, and even after they rid the Candy Kingdom of crime, they still needed an outlet for their natures, so they created a secret, illegal deathmatch arena. When PB discovers the arena, she decides to destroy the gumball robots. By force of will, Rattleballs learns of her plan and escapes. He hides in the junkyard until the events of "Rattleballs."

At another point prior to Princess Bubblegum's destruction of the gumball robots, Rattleballs went horseback riding. After his horse takes a crazy jump, one of his gumballs got stuck in a weird spot in his body. Finn later dislodges the gumball with his grass sword, an act which convinces Rattleballs to teach him swordsmanship.  After this, he tells his newfound student how he ended up hiding from Bubblegum and told Finn not to tell her, which he did anyway.

Bubblegum ordered his execution but he defeats her guards though shows mercy before surrendering to her. Seeing this compassion, Bubblegum concocts a plan to fake his death. Afterwards, she secretly knights him "Sir Rattleballs" and charges him with protecting the kingdom in secret, a duty he accepts and goes off.


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You will be [a master swordsman]. If you train this hard every day. For ten years. And get a robot body.

I no longer crave mindless violence. I have found peace in meditation, gardening, egg-throwing. I hope time has also made you less bloodthirsty, Princess, but do with me as you will. In my heart, I still serve you 100%.


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