Rats and Mice are a species of Rodent that appear in the real world. They are a major reoccurring species in the Adventure Time series.

Notable Rats & Mice

Other Known Rats & Mice

Image Name Basic Description
T.V. Mouse.jpg
Rat in the Opening.png
Opening Mice The Opening Mice are two mice that appear during the Opening Title Sequence.
S1E10 Rat.jpg
Idea Rat The Idea Rat appeared in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain." He helped give Finn the idea to have the Marauders wear animals for armor.
Rat Gloves.jpg
Rat Gloves The Rat Gloves are clusters of rats that one of the Marauders wore as gloves in the episode, "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
Rat Pile.jpg
Jake's Rats Jake's Rats are rats that covered Jake after he laid down in garbage in the episode, "Freak City."
Thief Rat.jpg
Stolen From Rat The Stolen From Rat is a rat that had its cheese stolen from it in the City of Thieves in the episode, "City of Thieves."
Tied Rat.jpg
Tied Rat The Tied Rat was a rat that appeared to be tied to the Ogre in The Enchiridion!."
Tiny White Rat.jpg
Cat Mouse Cat Mouse is a creature that appeared in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain," that appeared to look both like a Cat and a Mouse.


  • Most rats appear as background characters.


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