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Rasheeta is a great oracle in the Pillow World. He lives alone in a small tent in the Great Abracadabra Mountains. He makes an appearance in "Puhoy" where an older Finn visits the oracle to ask for assistance in finding the wandering portal so he can return to the Land of Ooo.


Rasheeta is a short and plump Pillow Person who has a blue-green body with only two arms. He wears a pointy olive-colored hat and has a kind expression on his face.


Rasheeta is renowned as a great oracle throughout the Pillow World and is able to accurately predict and anticipate events in the near future. An example of this is when the Oracle greets Finn by name and comments on his search for the portal. When Finn asks how he knew all of this, Rasheeta admits that he read it from a newspaper from the future. Another example is when Rasheeta predicts that Finn would leave his home. After doing so the oracle begins to fart, causing Finn to recoil and leave the tent.