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"Rap Fest Day Rap Battle" sung by Son of Rap Bear and Flame Princess in the episode "Son of Rap Bear". This rap battle decided the ownership of the Fire Kingdom between Flame Princess and Toronto.


Son of Rap Bear: Yo I'm a word wizard
I'm Son of Rap Bear
But you're a fire hazard
Maybe I should be scared
I mean I do hear you're dangerous when your temper flares
Do guys even date you? Or just cook weiners in your hair
I guess there was that fire guy that wanted to marry you
Was it Don John with the big guns?
Oh but you're not into macho men are you?
You like them soft and round like cinnamon-flavoured buns
Flame Princess: I got more rhymes in my hair than you ever will
You better run away like it's a fire drill
You're so lame and stinky
More spark from my pinky
I'm a flaming master um, slinky, hinky
(Oh Glob, what am I saying?)
She sees his father and rages
Why the heck did I even try to talk to you?
You only ever cared about things like
Koalas and chipmunks and baby kangaroos
It's actually pretty sad I mean
I usurped you when I was fourteen
I thought we could be friends
I don't know what I was thinking
I don't need you or anyone
'Cos I'm the real Flame King
And as for Son of Rap Bear
You're so unoriginal you put your own dad in a wheelchair
Just so you could steal his name and ride on his fame
But without it you're just a sad kid full of hot air
Y'all can try to bully me or scam me I don't care
As if being a jerk is going to make you dummies happy
But my kingdom ain't a commodity Toronto, it's a part of me
So sorry, you can't take what isn't owned by me
So take him away
Son of Rap Bear: I thought I was the Glob of rap rivalled by none
But I'm more like bubble wrap 'cos she squashed me for fun


  • Son of Rap Bear uses the time when Don John helped Flame King overthrow Flame Princess in exchange for her hand in marriage and Cinnamon Bun's declaration to be her knight to make fun of her.
  • Flame Princess reveals that Son of Rap Bear left his own dad without legs, and uses his name for fame as Son of Rap Bear.