This article is about the rhino from "Apple Wedding." You may be looking for Randy from "Davey" or Flame Princess' younger brother.

Randy is one of Tree Trunks' ex-husbands who first appears in the episode "Apple Wedding." He is not seen again until "Ring of Fire", where he contacts Tree Trunks asking her for his grandmother's wedding ring because he had plans to propose to his girlfriend. It is revealed in that episode that he was Tree Trunks' high school sweetheart and first husband. After graduating the two of them met at a diner where Tree Trunks said she had plans for adventure, however, Randy proposed to her and she accepted. Tree Trunks and Randy had a small wedding at a courthouse, but they were only married for a few days to weeks. Tree Trunks left him right before their honeymoon.


Randy is a short rhino. In "Apple Wedding" he is wearing a suit; however, this is probably because he is at a wedding. Randy has on a brown suit jacket with pants, as previously seen in "Ring of Fire."



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