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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Rainy Day Daydream" from season 1, which aired on September 6, 2010.

Tree Fort
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[The episode begins at the Tree Fort. The camera pans to the bridge linking the living room and attic.]
Finn: [Laughs] Ahhh... YEAH!!! [Busts through living room door and lands on bridge.]
Jake: [Entering] Heh heh. [Deep voice] Aw, yeah. [Chuckles]
Finn: Jake, get ready for a slap in the jowls. [Slaps Jake's nose; Jake does a snorting laugh] Seriously, though... get ready... for a day filled with adventure!
Jake: Whoa, really?!
Finn: Yeah, man!! [He slaps Jake's nose again, making him snort and laugh again] I wrote on my arm this to-do list of cool junk. [The clouds begin to get darker and bigger] Number one: back flip off this bridge and do the splits. Number two: track down and slay a goblin horde. Number three...[Glances up at thundering clouds] storm clouds?
Jake: [Examining] Hmmm... [Knives fall from the clouds and Jake gasps.] Finn... it's a knife storm!! [Finn slaps Jake's nose yet again] It's raining knives, man! Come on! [Exits]
Finn: I've never seen a knife storm before... It's beautiful.
[Knives begin falling near Finn; Jake pulls Finn inside before knives can fall on him.]
Jake: Looks like we're stayin' in today, kid.
Finn: Well, what're we gonna do?
BMO: Who wants to play video games??
Finn and Jake: BMO!!
Jake: What's on the menu, BMO?
BMO: I've created a new game called Conversation Parade.
Finn: Hah! Alright!
Jake: Start it up, BMO!
BMO: [singing] What do you think about the stars in the sky?
Finn: 'S okay, I guess.
Jake: Yeah, they're cool.
BMO: That is an interesting response! Battery low... Shut doooowwwwn...
Finn: Booooo.
Jake: BMO, that was weak.
Finn: What now?
Jake: Ooh, ooh! Dude, I know somethin' totally rockin' we can do!
Finn: Whoa! What?!
Jake: Let's use our imaginations, man!
Finn: Barf that! Imagination is for turbo nerds who can't handle how kick-butt reality is! I'm a kick-butt reality master!! I would rather die than be imaginative. I mean that.
Jake: Eh. Your loss. [Beat] AAAH!!! Lava!! Lava all around us!! [Panicking and jumping around] Lava on the floor!
Finn: Shut up, man...
Jake: Seriously, man! There must be an enchantment on the house or somethin'!
Finn: I'm not playing you child-style games, guy. Watch and learn as I master... reality. [Moves his foot nearer and nearer to the floor]
Jake: NOOOOO!!
Finn: [Places foot on floor; it suddenly catches fire] AAAAH!!! [Putting fire out] Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Jake! What the hey-hey?!
Jake: I was just playin' around with my imagination... [In Jake's view, everything is on fire and lava is on the floor] ...and then everything got intense.
Finn: It's like... whatever you imagine becomes real... That's bananas!
Jake: [To himself] Don't imagine blowin' apart my own brain... Don't imagine my eyeballs coming alive and flying around with rocket packs...
Finn: Dude! Imagine that BMO invented a better video game, and that he has new batteries.
[Everything in the room begins to melt.]
Finn and Jake: WHOA!
Finn: But first stop imagining lava!
Jake: I can't! My imagination's too amazing!
Finn: Imagine turning your imagination off!
Jake: I can't, dude... but I think I can imagine an imagination turning-off machine... that is upstairs, surrounded by a crud-load of traps, ghosts, monsters, and poison fountains, and... and... girls. Cute girls, and hamsters.
Finn: Can't you make it easier to get to that machine?
Jake: You can't hold this baby back! That's bad parenting, mamma!
Finn: Then it's up to me to take your imagination downtown! Let's go to the den and suit up!
Jake: Neat! [Finn and he enter the den] Grab that missile.
Finn: Okay.
Jake: And... get that cosmic gauntlet.
Finn: Nah. There's a better one over by the desk. Ah! UNH! [Finn leaps into an invisible wall.] What did I just hit?!
Jake: I'm imagining a wall. You can just go around it.
Finn: Really? That's it? There isn't any invisible, angry troll or anything?
Jake: Oh, there's one now. [Troll roars] Look out!
Finn: Aah! I can feel it on my foot! [They stumble over, and Finn's shoe seemingly floats in midair.] I'll kill you, troll! Yah! Yah! Yah, yah, yah, yah!
Jake: You're kickin' too high! He's shorter than you!
Finn: Yah, yah! [Finn's blows finally start to land.]
Jake: Alright! You're gettin' him, man! [Finn continues attacking] Uh-oh. Now you're uppercutting his family. [Finn kicks in the air and a scream is heard.] Heh heh heh heh heh! You just kicked his wife in the face! [Troll wife yells incomprehensibly.] She's comin' back for revenge.
Finn: Cram this! We gotta book it to your imagination machine! Yah!
[Finn leaps out the window into the knife storm.]
Jake: The knife storm, remember?!?! [Finn frantically pulls himself and Jake up to the attic. They rest and pant heavily.] Oh, boy... Ooh... Finn, I found some candy. [Eats some] It tastes like banana candy, man. [Sips drink] Here, man. Try some.
[Finn eats some candy.]
Finn: [Standing up] Okay. Try to imagine some kind of steel umbrella over the bridge so... we don't get knifed.
Jake: Okay! [Does it] It is done.
Finn: [Walks out cautiously] Haha! Ha! Hey, you did it, man!
Riddle Master: No, voyagers. To pass this bridge, you must first pass the test of the riddle.
Finn: [To Jake] An imaginary riddle master?
[Jake laughs sillily.]
Finn: [Sighs] Ask me your riddle, Riddle Master. I accept your test.
Riddle Master: Then brace yourself, fool, for this riddle comes from a mysterious, far-away land.
Finn: [Ready] LAY IT ON ME!!
Riddle Master: Yes, um... The riddle, uh... It... cometh... uh...
Jake: I can't imagine a riddle.
Finn: Dude, just make it super easy.
Riddle Master: THE RIDDLE COMETH! Tell me, voyager. What is simple, and yet also... a riddle?
Finn: Man, that riddle sucks.
Riddle Master: THAT IS THE WRONG ANSWER!! The penalty is... DEATH BY SNAKES!!
[Finn launches it and it explodes on the other side of the bridge. Finn and Jake scream in pain.]
Jake: You exploded the snakes right at us!!
Finn: I can feel them all over my face! Imaginary poison coursing through my veins!!
Jake: I'm sorry, brother! I'm so sorry!
Finn: Let's just get to your imagination machine and we'll be okay!!
Jake: AAH! A big bowl of baby elephants, chainsaws, and doo-doo's flyin' towards us!! JUMP, DUDE!! [Finn evades the obstacle.] Here come's a soul-eater! Snap its neck! [Finn jumps up and does so. A weapon is heard charging up. Jake gasps.] The Bazooka Goblin has you in its sights!
Finn: Hey! Don't shoot us with that bazooka!
[Bazooka Goblin laughs.]
Finn: Don't you do it...
[Bazooka Goblin continues laughing.]
Finn: DON'T DO IT, MAN!!!
Bazooka Goblin: Hee... heehee... hee... Okay.
Jake: YEAH!
Finn: AW, YEAH!
[Finn and Jake laugh and do a celebratory fist bump.]
Finn: Alright, use your powers or something. This poison is about to kill me.
Jake: Alright. Goin' up. Check it. My imagination-off machine is left of the bed.
Finn: Is it clear?
Jake: Yeah, I mean there's a bunch of cute girls... but they shouldn't bother you.
[Finn fidgets around and mumbles to himself ("Ah... where, ah... Where is this, I ca—Ah... man.") before finding the machine.]
Finn: Oh! I found the shut-off lever!
Jake: Cool, man! [Invisible girl giggles.] Dang, girl. If you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd want to have your baby. [Another girl giggles.] What're you laughin' at?
Finn: Alright. I'm gonna turn it off. [Finn is suddenly hit by an invisible force.] UNH!! You said it was clear of danger!!
Jake: Dude... I can't see anything... I must've imagined... an invisible monster!!
Finn: What?! Well, how do I kill it?! [Finn gets beaten down.]
Jake: I'm comin', buddy! Alright, Invisibo. Eat a piece of this! [Punches it] Hurry, Finn! Get to the lever!
Finn: Okay! I'm doin' iiiit!! [Finn pulls the lever; Jake falls down; Finn's wounds are healed.] Aw, yeah! The imaginary poison is gone, Jake! Jake? [Jake groans.] Hey, come on. Wake up, man.
[Finn pats Jake a few times.]
Jake: [Completely regular tone] Hello, Finn. I am awake and healthy.
Finn: Jake... what happened to your bombastic personality?
Jake: I do not know what you mean. I am perfectly bombastic.
Finn: Nah, man, nah. Somethin's wrong. Tell me something amazing!
Jake: But Finn, I cannot tell you something amazing as there is nothing amazing happening around us that I could describe for you.
Finn: Ah, see, man, you suck now! Crap, it's your imagination. You need that thing. [Sighs]
[Jake reaches for his viola and plays a continuous G♮]
Finn: Jake... Stop it, man. You're just playing one continuous note.
Jake: One note is all that is needed.
Finn: [Scoffs] I'm gonna turn your imagination back on. [Fidgets around and mumbles to self] Jake! Your imagination on-off switch has vanished!
Jake: True. Doth thou not remember shutting down mine imagination?
Finn: I remembereth.
Jake: I am happy that my imagination is gone. It was purposeless.
Finn: No! It was the opposite of that stuff. I know this now... [Saddened] ...only too late. Okay, man. I'm gonna try to imagine an imagination back-on switch for you, and so you know, if there's anything dainty inside my imagination, I'm gonna be mad. Imagination... go... [Finn appears in his imagination land.] What the stuff? Well... this isn't so bad. [Imagination back-on machine appears] Nothing lame, at least. Hey! And there's Jake's imagination switch!
[Suddenly, the Lyre Player enters dancing and singing the Imagination Song.]
Finn: [Disappointed] Cram. Oh! Maybe I can try imagining something. [He imagines a penguin, and a bowl of spaghetti. The Lyre Player trips over the former and lands in the latter; Finn laughs.] Now for that switch.
Bellamy Bug: [Entering] Good morrow, sir! My name is Bellamy Bug! Would you care for a crotchet doily my daughter made? She imbued it with her tears. You see, she recently broke up with a gentle dandy.
Finn: No! How'd you get in my Imagination Land?!
Bellamy Bug: [Giggles] I don't know, my young fellow! You tell me. Perhaps I represent your secret desire to be civilized!
Finn: REPRESENT THIS! [Smacks Bellamy] And this. [Imagines two arms protruding out of Bellamy (one cephalopodic and one robotic) which both punch him.]
Bellamy: Oh! I say! Oh! Ah! Ouch! Ah!
[Penguins take Bellamy away.]
Finn: Haha... Penguins... Hahahaha! Heh, alright. [Runs over to the machine] I hope this works, Jake! [Pulls lever; Jake's imagination returns.] Haha, yeah! [A fairy comes near the machine giggling.] Hey! Get away from that! Don't push that hyper drive button! [The fairy pushes the button anyway with her butt]
Jake: [Jake's head grows rapidly] Aaaah!! I can imagine EVERYTHING!!!
Finn: [Frustrated sigh] Take a hike, fairy! Normal style! [Pushes "NORMAL STYLE" button]
Jake: [Head shrinks] Aw, man... I imagined my mom naked! [Finn appears next to him.] Yugh!
Finn: You okay?
Jake: I think so. Lemme check. Mmmm... Yup. She's clothed now. And hey, man! It's clear out now! We can go on an adventure!
Finn: I don't know, dude. I think we got all the adventure we need right here... [Thinking] with... lava on the floor!
Jake: Huh?! [Body starts melting] AAH! AAH! MY LEGS ARE MELTING! Just kidding. [Chuckles and reforms his body.]
Finn: Hahahaha! Good dog. [He pets Jake, and the episode ends.]