Quilton (Son of Pillowford) is the ruler of Pillow World and father of Roselinen as seen in "Puhoy." He greeted Finn (his son in law) after he defeated the Blanket Dragon that had terrorized his village. He also organized the celebration of Finn's victory over the dragon, and was seen dancing with other Pillow People. Later, he came to Finn with information about the door that brought Finn to Pillow World. His customary greeting is "Puhoy!" hence the episode title. By the end of the episode, he is presumed to have died of old age. He has a loyal assistant, who seems to assist him in transportation and other tasks he needs to accomplish.


He is more pillow-like and shorter than his daughter, suggesting his wife is a humanoid. He has black eyes, and a green neck pillow appears to form his hair. His clothes consist of a sleeveless shirt that reaches to his legs made from small pillows sewn together in a quilt-like fashion (hence his name), and he has pale green skin.

In his old age, Quilton's overall appearance is slightly paler and he developed wrinkles.


  • He also has an odd habit of only keeping one eye open at a time, alternating whenever he closes his eyes.
  • His name is a pun on "quilt."



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