Purple Princess is a character who makes a very short cameo appearance in "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone. She also appears in "Loyalty to the King," where she is seen carrying the Nice King (who is really Ice King) on his right with Hot Dog Princess on the bottom and Skeleton Princess on the left and carrying him in a circle. It is unknown what kingdom, if any, she hails from. It is revealed in "Princess Day" that she is considered a registered princess.


She wears a purple flower-like dress with polka-dots, her arms and legs have purple stripes, and she has a few leaves coming out of the top of her head and her neck. Her dark brown hair is cut short into a bob. Her irises are light purple, and she is one of few characters with irises. The leaves on her dress are both part of the costume and growing out of her, since she is a flower.[1]


  • According to character designer Natasha Allegri, she was originally called "Lavender Princess."[2] This is why she resembles an actual cluster of lavender flowers.
  • She uses a computer to communicate.
  • She is currently the only princess with a name starting with a color.



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