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And the great question endures: who would win in a fight between Nietzsche's 'Übermensch' and Mandroid? The answer is... Werewolf Queen! It's always Werewolf Queen!

—"The Real You"

And when I finally meet the Werewolf Queen she will take me on as her royal consort and we will rule in blood!

(Finn asks the teacher to talk more about "scientific stuff and things.") Well, sure I could—if this wasn't a class on Theoretical Fightonomics!

McSquirmy, huh? Well, we'll just see about that—Oh! There you are! W. McSquirmy, I'm sorry. Yes, you're registered... and you haven't shown up for a single class!

*random Pupil Worm* Truancy hurts us all, McSquirmy!

Let's kill him!

*random Pupil Worm* Excelsior!

And stay out of Academia!

—"The Real You"

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